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As Bespoke engagement rings and wedding bands become more and more popular - Andrew Geoghegan sets trends with his inimitable style

wedding rings and engagement rings – Advice, history and 6 OF our very best

Wedding rings and engagement rings - the happy couple Sally and Matt

It’s happened thousands of times before…

…and will keep on happening:

  • Couple fall in love
  • Couple fall in love with engagement ring.
  • Couple buy engagement ring.
  • It’s time to buy the wedding ring.
  • Jeweller shows the matching wedding rings.
  • Couple don’t love wedding ring!

When you are at the delightful although usually a bit nerve-wracking stage of searching for or commissioning an engagement ring – be it a unique engagement ring or a classic style, be sure to investigate thoroughly the style of matching wedding rings before your purchase. This can help you avoid headaches later on and the potential of wearing a wedding band that makes you weep every time you glance at it!

This post explores the following topics:

  • The history and symbolism of wedding rings and engagement rings

  • How and why engagement and wedding bands should work together

  • Which order do you wear engagement wedding and eternity rings?

  • Our most popular engagement ring and wedding rings

  • Going against the grain – it’s all about the mismatch

  • Final words

Discover and fall in love with Unusual Engagement Rings and Wedding Diamond Rings by Andrew Geoghegan

The history and symbolism of wedding rings and engagement rings

The tradition of exchanging wedding and engagement rings dates back centuries, weaving a rich tapestry of cultural significance and symbolizing the enduring commitment between two individuals. The evolution of this practice has given rise to the cherished symbols we know today as wedding and engagement rings. If you love to absorb as much information on  the hiostory of the wedding ring then wikipedia has some fascinating information. 

Andrew Geoghegan Betrothals - Exquisite wedding bands and engagement rings - best in UK

The concept of wearing both a wedding ring and an engagement ring simultaneously has roots in ancient Roman customs. In Roman times, a betrothal or engagement was a formal contract, signifying the intention to marry. Rings, often made of iron, were exchanged to symbolize a binding agreement between the couple. However, it wasn’t until the Middle Ages that the practice of wearing both rings together gained prominence. 

During the medieval period, the Christian Church played a pivotal role in shaping the symbolism of engagement and wedding bands. Rings began to be crafted from more precious materials, such as gold, to symbolize the sanctity of marriage. The practice of placing the engagement ring on the fourth finger of the left hand, known as the “ring finger,” became popular due to the belief that it contained the “vena amoris” or the “vein of love” directly connected to the heart.

Engagement rings and wedding bands by award winning Andrew Geoghegan - be inspired

One fascinating historical detail is that engagement and wedding rings were not always exclusive to women. In fact, it was only in the 20th century that the tradition of men wearing wedding bands gained widespread acceptance. This shift was largely influenced by marketing campaigns during World War II, where servicemen began wearing rings as a reminder of their spouses back home.

The symbolism embedded in the design of wedding and engagement rings adds layers of meaning to these precious adornments. The circular shape of the rings represents eternity and the unending nature of love, while the opening in the ring symbolizes a gateway or door to the future. The choice of gemstones, such as diamonds, in engagement rings signifies purity and the enduring strength of the commitment.

In essence, the history of wedding and engagement rings is a journey through time, reflecting the evolving traditions, cultural influences, and shifting perspectives on love and commitment. As couples exchange these rings, they become part of a timeless legacy, connecting their stories to a tapestry woven with the threads of history and everlasting devotion.

How and why engagement and wedding bands should work together

There are a few things to take into consideration when considering your all important engagement ring and wedding rings. These are not really engagement and wedding ring rules, because let’s be honest, most of us dont like rules! They are more like friendly advice from someone who knows the subject like the back of his bejewelled hand!   

Aesthetic. As a wedding and engagement ring designer I always ensure that, although the engagement ring is usually the more noticeable and prominent of the two rings, I want them to work in their own right and compliment each other perfectly. Neither should outshine the other and yet they should work harmoniously together. This can be done in a manner of ways – using gems, proportions, form, to name but a few.

wedding rings and engagement rings Andrew Geoghegan Designer engagement rings & fine jewellery by award winning Andrew Geoghegan

Wear. This is a most common problem visible in many engagement ring and wedding rings that I see. For example the side of the claws of a diamond engagement ring for example can be prominent. If the wedding ring is not designed with this in mind, the wedding ring can gradually wear away metal of the claws and before you know it you have a precarious diamond because of weakened claws. The engagement and wedding bands will no doubt wear against each other but one wants this ideally to be even around the rings as opposed to one spot.

Metals. More often than not the metal in a wedding ring and engagement ring pair is the same and this is usually a good direction in terms of look and wear. But from time to time I have seen rings with different karat of gold or even different metals such as a platinum engagement ring and an 18ct white gold wedding ring. Let me be clear and say this isn’t a catastrophe but understand that the wedding ring will wear more because the platinum is usually harder – but also platinum is a bright white metal naturally whereas white gold has to be rhodium plated to achieve the same look – and this plating wears off after time. The plating can be reapplied by a reputable jeweller but in the meantime this will look like a mismatch in colours and I would advise against this.

Just to finish this section by saying please do not take the above points as engagement and wedding ring rules, they are just points to consider – I actually love it when clients have their own rules!

Engagement Ring and wedding rings - Abigail and Luke - 'Asteria' unique wedding ring and 'Lacuna' designer engagement ring designed by Andrew Geoghegan. 

Exquisite designer engagement rings and unique wedding ringsc - Asteria - by Andrew Geoghegan - adorned with intricate details and a brilliant diamond centerpiece.

Which order do you wear engagement wedding and eternity rings?

I would first like to say that although there appear to be ”rules’, I would preface what I am about to say with “Do what the hell you want! Your rings! Your finger! Your Expression!”  If you are a traditionalist and then the eternity, engagement and wedding ring rules are…. trumpets please…

  • All on the left hand finger next to your pinky.
  • Wedding Ring closest to the wrist.
  • Then Engagement Ring and then Eternity Ring.
One of my favourite geeky engagement and wedding ring facts is that they are worn specifically on the finger that the Vena Amoris – The Love Vain – passes through.

Our most popular engagement ring and wedding rings.

What follows is a curated selection of some of our most sought-after diamond ring with wedding band pairings. You will notice that all the compliments to the engagement ring are in fact diamond wedding bands. This is in response to the trend over the past decade or so where it’s all about diamond wedding bands! Some clients do prefer the plainer wedding bands especially if in yellow or rose gold, but it seems if there is some metal there, then stick a diamond (or 20!) in it!

I wanted to show you a variety of styles here to give you an understanding of the collections that we offer and also some bespoke ideas which I hope inspire.

Asteria collection - award winning unique engagement rings and wedding ring by Andrew Geoghegan
Cannele Twist Diamond Engagement Ring and Wedding Band - put a twist in your style
Cannele Twist
As Bespoke engagement rings and wedding bands become more and more popular - Andrew Geoghegan sets trends with his inimitable style
Chapiteau de Diamants bridal set: A stunning representation of designer engagement rings and unique wedding rings by Andrew Geoghegan, showcasing elegance and beauty.
Chapiteau Diamond
Unique Engagement Rings do not get much more refined than the award winning Cannele by Andrew Geoghegan pictured here with the matching wedding ring - Explore one of the most highly regarded Engagement Ring Designers
Andre Geoghegan's most iconic engagement ring and wedding ring pairing - the Satellite Diamond - be unique!
Chapiteau Ruby
The Lacuna Diamond Engagement Ring and Wedding Band - distinctive platinum designer bridal wear
wedding rings and engagement rings Andrew Geoghegan Designer engagement rings & fine jewellery by award winning Andrew Geoghegan

Going against the grain – it’s all about the mismatch

I would be foolish to think that there is something for everyone in the styles and combinations of engagement ring and wedding rings shown in the above section. There are those that want to be very unique, go against tradition and express their individuality – saying no to some of the engagement and wedding ring rules. Who says it has to be two rings – why not 4! I have no issue with any expression to be honest, in fact I applaud it. Whereas you could say that the majority of my engagement ring and wedding collections have a certain commerciality or tradition to them, I love it when I am commissioned or even inspired personally to break this tradition and go boldly when no designer has gone before. The following pairings show some glimmers of a middle finger to the norm. The first ring below, the Unity has a removeable central diamond set band – and the second, Emergence, is challenging the bridal status quo even more!

Engagement rings and weddings bands - Unity Brilliant by Andrew Geoghegan. An iconic Signature Original.
Unity Brilliant
Andrew Geoghegan has created a wonderfully innovative concept called Emergence - Engagement rings wedding rings - as you like!

Final words

Wedding rings and engagement rings are one of the most significant and emotional purchases you will ever make. So as always I would say go with your gut but also avoid rushing into a purchase. Consider your options. If you have the opportunity to speak to an experienced designer or jewellery professional then do it. There are many factors that influence your decision and remember these treasures will be on your finger for many years to come so its worth investing time and consideration.

Do not hesitate to make contact if you need some assistance with choosing your engagement and wedding bands and I will be delighted to help you even if it is point you in the right direction.

            Diamond engafgemengt rings and wedding bands - clair de lune by Andrew Geoghegan

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