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Virtual Bespoke Service


A new way to create something beautiful,
when love matters more than ever.



We’re finding new ways to work, live and even love, whether the pandemic has separated us from the one we love most, or has pushed us closer together. Perhaps now feels like the right time to make that promise to each other forever, or maybe you just want to remind someone how precious they are to you…

Our new service produces beautiful bespoke designs, created in consultation with you and eventually rendered in a stunning, detailed animation that’s as close to the real thing as possible. It’s so clear you can see every glint, every shimmering facet and so realistic you could almost reach out and touch it.

Each design we create is a unique I Love You to someone special, ready to be made into something precious to treasure forever. Even virtually, the magic is there – it’s your design made visible, stunning, the promise of something real and wonderful to come. And more than enough to elicit that gasp of delight…



    Uncomplicated designs such as a simple band or eternity ring

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    Designs with an involved detail – a halo ring for example

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    Designs with high complexity such as a cocktail ring

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  • We’re offering three levels of service, each of which will give you a digital meeting or call with Andrew, so you can discuss the piece you’d like to commission for yourself or your partner and develop a brief together.
  • Andrew will discuss options and ideas, materials and stones, showing you some of his award-winning designs for inspiration until the direction is clear..
  • He’ll then create concepts within a week – you’ll see initial designs in the form of sketches, for your feedback and thoughts. He’ll also be able to give you an idea of the costs to produce the piece in precious metals and gemstones.
  • With your input, Andrew will hone the design. Once perfected, he’ll render detailed sketches into an animation, like the one shown above, to give the truest sense possible of your wonderful final piece.
  • For a real touch of magic we can add a personalised message to the animation.

There will naturally be commissions that fall outside of the three levels and Andrew is happy to discuss your ideas and a quote for designing and making all commissions.


Costs will include your consultation, design development and animation. Once presented to the lucky recipient, small changes to the piece will not be charged for – if we can see a way to make it more perfect, we’ll do it! If any significant changes are requested we’ll discuss and agree any additional costs before work begins.

The design process can be completed within three weeks. Copyright for the designs remains the property of Andrew Geoghegan.


If you want to book AG’s virtual bespoke design service, begin with an email to Andrew and take it from there – just click here to email now.

I look forward to making something perfect for the one you love, to remind them how
special they are, or that even though you are distant, you will never be truly apart.


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