As you would expect, we have impeccably high standards when it comes to servicing your AG jewellery.  We recommend that servicing is undertaken every two years by our craftsmen to ensure the quality and longevity of each piece is maintained.


  • Item professionally cleaned
  •  Refinished according to customer requirements
  •  Stones checked for tightness and damage (where applicable)
  •  Any problems rectified

    The cost of the service is dependent on the specific piece and the level of work required. Once we receive your jewellery we can give you a quotation. If you would prefer to receive an approximate quote before you part with your jewellery then please inform us or your AG stockist. Please understand that this can only be an approximate quote  – to be accurate the actual piece must be inspected by AG workshops.

    A general service will take up to two weeks from AG receiving the pieces and despatching them back to you of the stockist. If more work is required above and beyond a general service, then we will provide you with a timescale.
    If you have purchased your piece of AG through a retailer then please drop your jewellery into them requesting a service from us. If you purchased the piece directly from AG or the original retailer is no longer trading, then please contact us directly. We will inform you of the best way to get your jewellery to us. Once we have given you a quotation we will wait for a confirmation before proceeding with the service.
    For more information on our servicing just call on +44 (0) 1937 584 654 or email

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