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Embrace wedding ring

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British Wedding Rings at their best and in this example their most beautifully simple.

The word ‘Embrace’ is partly defined in the Cambridge dictionary as:-

“To hold someone tightly with both arms to express love…”

So how fitting is the word Embrace for a collection of Unique Engagement Rings and Wedding Band Rings.

This ring is a matching British Wedding Ring that sits neatly alongside many engagement rings but is absolutely perfect for the Andrew Geoghegan Embrace Designer Engagement Ring, fitting its form perfectly. In the main ring, a bewitching, beautifully cut diamond is gently embraced and suspended over a stream of diamonds set into the band beneath. This flowing platinum form seems to hold its centre diamond so lightly but so surely, in a perfectly balanced union…an elegant, precious gift of love.


A matching simple yet contemporary wedding band in flawless precious metals. Image shows the ring to match the 0.50ct Embrace. The width and depth will change – please enquire for measurements.


This proud example of fine British wedding rings is available plain or gem set, and in platinum or 18ct white, rose or yellow gold.

The Embrace ring is vailable in a host of gemstones including diamond, coloured diamond, sapphire and ruby, and in platinum or 18ct white, rose or yellow gold.


We like to think that although words are important, when it comes to jewellery, images do the talking so click British Wedding Rings to see some of our contemporary wedding rings and modern eternity rings and also delight in the examples below featuring with some of our most exquisite unique engagement rings…

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