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Chapiteau de Paraiba


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Cocktail rings like this inspired Chapitea de Paraiba are a canvas to showcase beauty – it’s a canvas for an extravagant collection of stones, with wonderful details such as the angles of the hexagonal setting echoed in falling chevrons of diamonds through the band. Chapiteau’s lavish, angular centre uses depth, space and light to add drama to an irresistibly alluring blue Paraiba tourmaline, lauded above a coterie of glimmering pink stones. The grand spectacle continues on the outside of the setting with each of the hexagon’s six panels hosting a cool, mint green tourmaline framed by an abundance of diamond light.


Star of the show is a wonderful 3ct (approx)Paraiba tourmaline, with pink sapphires, mint green tourmalines and diamonds set in white gold.


The unique Chapiteau de Paraiba is available in a host of precious stones set in platinum or 18ct white, rose or yellow gold. The Chapiteau is also available as  designer engagement rings and unique wedding rings.


Very simply the word Chapiteau was used by the French to mean ‘a place for a spectacle’. Surely this is a perfect name for this ring as the six sides create a court of wonder, colour and intrigue. For more information on the history and use of the word click Chapiteau.

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