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Cannelé Twist Sapphire

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Cannelé Twist Sapphire Rings, Engagement or otherwise, are undoubtedly an iconic ring. Rhythmic, organic and perfectly executed, the softly sweeping fluting of the Cannelé Twist rises to a captivating diamond cluster in this stunning engagement ring; the setting seeming to hold aloft its gleaming stone in a halo of surrounding diamonds. Hand-finished with a simple, sleek band, this is the perfect coming together of charming tradition and chic modernity. We like to think it is a blue sapphire engagement ring at it’s most classic and desirable.


A resplendant blue sapphire centre with surround diamonds colour G, VS clarity – pictured with a 0.33ct centre. The table below shows the options of centre stone weights with corresponding total of surround stone weight. It is imperative for the Andrew Geoghegan pieces that the sapphires we use posess a wonderful rich blue hue – fit for royalty!


0.33 0.16
0.55 0.18
0.95 0.21


The Cannelé Twist collection swiftly after the most sought after ring in the Andrew Geoghegan collection – the original Cannelé.  Andrew wanted to be inspired by the Cannelé  but  have a larger halo and a twisting affair in the setting – et voila le Cannelé  Twist! She comes in a range of wonderful gemstones and precious metals and is available as a range of rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets and cufflinks – although best known as one of the sapphire rings engagement available from Andrew Geoghegan. The broader Cannelé family includes many diferent pieces of halo jewellery including the delectable sapphire engagement rings Cannelé Sapphire. Other gemstone and diamond necklaces, cabochon gemstone rings, gemstone earrings and even cufflinks also feature in this collection.


The word Cannelé is French and translates as fluted and also the name of  a small pastry flavored with vanilla and rum. It is a speciality in Bordeaux. Andrew spent a good deal of time living and holidaying in France from 2013-2016 where he became inspired with the Cannelé, the Satellite Diamond and many other collections – it seems the French inspiration was très forte!


We must surely thank Lady Diana for starting or perhaps re-starting the trend for the blue sapphire engagement ring. This 12 carat ceylon sapphire ring with diamond halo caught the public’s attention as did most things that Lady Diana wore or did! Breaking from the tradition of an all diamond engagement ring was in keeping with Diana’s approach to life and one that she will be remembered for. If you need more gossip about the famous ring then look no further than here.


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