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Cannelé Délire ring


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An abundance of lively colour dances through this ring, from an astounding, electric blue cabochon paraiba tourmaline, through a halo of pristine diamonds and a poetic tumble of blue sapphires, tsarvorites, chrome tourmaline, aquamarine and topaz, placed as if fallen, into the 18ct white gold band. The illusion of chaos masks the painstaking crafting that goes into creating such a dramatic piece; each stone intricately cut to different shapes and sizes so that light plays and prances across each and every one, a free-spirited celebration of sheer beauty.


A stunning approx 6.0ct cabochon paraiba tourmaline, in a halo of glimmering diamonds, set in immaculate white gold with sapphires, aquamarine and topaz stones set throughout the band.


The bedazzling Cannelé Délire ring comes in a range of precious metal settings and gemstones. Please enquire for different options not shown.

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