Lights, camera, action! The ‘Chosen’ Facebook ring has its first photo shoot

It seems like an age ago that you fine folks helped me to created a beautiful and unique diamond ring through the powers of social media. In fact it was only a few months ago that we revealed the completed design and you picked a name fitting for the worlds first crowd sourced Facebook ring, ‘The Chosen’.

So with everything else that’s been going on at AG HQ, you might have thought that the ring was nothing but a novelty, set for back seat stardom perhaps? In fact it couldn’t be further from the truth – The Chosen is now proudly displayed in numerous AG retailers across the country.

In light of its incredible journey, we thought it only fair to have it shot professionally on our new look, luxury black backdrop. So here it is, your ring, taking the limelight once more.

Congratulations on your design, it’s a beauty!


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