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Jewellery trends for 2017

As we wave goodbye to a fantastic year, we’re looking forward to a year in which ‘individuality’ is being touted as a top trend, perhaps as a continuation of this season’s ‘audacious’ tip. The fashion big hitters are telling us we’ll be able to show off our uniqueness next year: mix and match, single earrings, clashing layers and homespun looks are what 2017 is going to be all about, with a heavy splash of colour and the odd flash of structure and form. At the heart of the Andrew Geoghegan brand is a love of the unique, and of women who dress as they please, with confidence and assertiveness. It looks like this is their year…here’s what to plan for.

Vogue Paris and Elle are both heralding a season of pearls – worn as bracelets and cuffs over sleeves, or in strings, (mis)matched with military jackets, sports sweaters and patched denim in a delicious style clash. Chokers are in too, in all kinds of stones and colours, the general rule being the rawer and the bolder, the better.

Safety pins adorned the catwalks – use decorative ones to accessorize and standard ones to adapt and individualise an outfit. Raw stones are all the rage too – Proenza Schouler showed super raw stone and gem earrings in small jagged rocks, worn in mismatching pairs, a look echoed at Dries Van Noten and Calvin Klein shows, where earrings added to the strength of bold clothing statements.

Meanwhile in colours, it’s all looking wonderfully tropical. Deep electric blues, shocking pinks, rich parrot greens, and hot oranges rule. So in jewellery, we’re expecting to see a lot of lapis lazuli, tanzanite and blue sapphire; deep pink sapphires; greens from chrysoberyl and varicite; and fire opals bringing orangey yellows to life.

A word from those in the know…

Belinda Morris from The Jeweller:

Of the 10 colours that Pantone has released in its palette for 2017, there are a few stand-out hues that may well have an influence on coloured gemstone jewellery:

  • Lapis Blue: lapis lazuli of course, but also tanzanite and strong blue sapphire
  • Pink Yarrow: a hot, tropical pink, deep pink sapphire perhaps
  • Greenery: a tangy yellow green, like chrysoberyl or varicite
  • Flame: a fiery red-based orange, such as fire opal

And trends I’m feeling most:

  • Big statement earrings (including very long, almost brushing shoulders)
  • Single, asymmetric or mis-match earrings
  • Lots of colour
  • Chokers
  • Statement rings, including over knuckles, along the finger and across fingers (a continuing look)
  • Raw stones
  • Ancient inspiration/taliman themes
  • Historic/royal references (eg Baroque/Tudor)
  • Geometrics continuing

Stacey, Editor at Professional Jeweller:

“I think 2017 will see consumers stripping back and opting for more delicate and refined pieces. In times of economic uncertainty shoppers will be wanting to invest their money in pieces they feel will stand the test of time.

I suspect that with a return to finer pieces, the layering and stacking trend will continue to grow in popularity as consumers will still be longing to showcase their personal style through the use of more elusive jewels.”

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