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How to Choose a ring for Engagement

How to choose a ring for Engagement ? So that time has come where you have found the love of your life and it is time to choose an engagement ring or perhaps a ring designer to help! This is one of the most important questions you will ever ask and naturally we would like to assist. The following points give you an idea of what you should consider and some advice…

How to Choose a Ring for Engagement - Bespoke Andrew Geoghegan platinum and diamond ring


If the onus is on you to surprise your partner with the perfect engagement ring, hints will most likely be dropped throughout your relationship such as “Did you see Meghan’s or Pippa’s unusual engagement rings?” or at times it will be as direct as “I love blue sapphire engagement rings!” It is essential to listen out for these and make a note as you may not remember. This information will become invaluable when you need to answer the question, “which engagement ring is right for her?

Surprise or Involve your Partner?

Choosing a ring can be a daunting process as naturally you want to get it right. Nothing beats the occasion of a box being opened on truly beautiful and unique engagement rings so aim for this – perhaps enlist the help of your partner’s trustworthy friends and family if need be. If your partner has oh-so specific tastes that only they are privy to then there is one option in that you buy a loose diamond or gemstone, place in a presentation box and do your marriage proposal! In this way they can have has as much input as they like in the ring design process. Naturally you have to choose the ‘right’ cut of diamond or gem and you could perhaps glean that information from jewellery already in their collection. If you like this option and you need help please enquire.

Off the Shelf or Bespoke ENGAGEMENT RINGS?

Bespoke engagement rings will be more expensive but if you want to have a totally unique ring and even claim that you helped with the design then bespoke could be the way. Bear in mind that a bespoke can take more time and this may depend on how quickly your ring designer and you can arrive at the perfect design.


The different styles available could fill many books and in this post we are not wanting to go into that level of detail. We would ask that you consider what jewellery or design-style does your beloved own or prefer – Art Deco, vintage, minimal, angular, flamboyant, rustic etc? You could even take photos of existing jewellery and send to the jeweller you commission who should then be able to advise. Again bear in mind that this engagement ring will ideally be worn for a very long time so ensure it is not faddy. Also  – a crucial point – do not forget that your ring for engagement will hopefully have a matching band or two sitting next to it at some point. So when you are discussing with your preferred jeweller ensure you ask them to show you the wedding and engagement ring options together.

cannelé trois
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The Cost

We would recommend having a price range before you start searching – in that way you can be more focused and not be distracted by over or under priced rings. Please also consider if perhaps your partner has an expectation on the cost of the ring or size of the gemstone. The last thing anyone wants is the engagement ring box to be opened and the response to be a groan or an insincere “Oh, I love it?!”. 

Diamond Quality

There is so much information available on this subject and much you will never need. Feel free to do your research on what colour you should go for and what clarity – just for your own piece of mind. We supply a minimum of G colour and VS clarity which, in our opinion, are a great combination in terms of the look and cost. But we must stress that it is the ‘look’ of the diamond that we should be most concerned with. Ask the jeweller you are dealing with and ask them to give you their honest opinion on the ‘look’ of the stone. Is it relatively speaking a truly fiery stone or it is perhaps a bit lifeless? For our customers we are delighted to offer you a range of stones and allow you to choose from the pieces themselves or photographs & videos if you are unable to visit Andrew.

How to Choose a Ring for Engagement Andrew Geoghegan Designer engagement rings & fine jewellery by award winning Andrew Geoghegan

Diamond or Coloured Gemstone Engagement RIngs?

Classically diamond is the stone of choice however more and more are choosing coloured gemstone engagement rings. This really is a personal decision and perhaps you already have an inkling if a coloured stone would be warmly received by your partner! Our advice would be to consider the fact that the ring would be worn every day and with many a different coloured outfits – one reason why diamond is a safe bet. However if your partner is crazy for a chocolate diamond rings then the decision is made! Do also consider the durability of the stone – diamonds, rubies and sapphires are incredibly hard wearing stones whereas pearls and emeralds are not. So if you think that your partner’s ring would come under a fair amount of wear and tear then maybe the harder stones are more suitable. To discover what coloured gemstones are available click add more colour to your life.

Where to Buy?

We are a little bias here and would love you to purchase from one of our retail stockists or from our website– naturally! However we are not the only engagement rings designer to choose from – some exclusively online and others bricks and mortar shops. If you are more of a tactile character then perhaps the shop experience would be better but if you are more visual then this can perhaps be accomplished online. We would also add that you should go to the experts – if you want bespoke then go to one who specialises in bespoke, if you want a designer engagement ring then find a shop or ecommerce site that focuses on that. Get a feel for the place and the sales staff – ask them for advice and see if you get a sense of expertise and trust. As we said at the start, the big question that will be asked is truly important and so is the accompanying ring!

We hope the above information tells you how to choose a ring for engagement. We are here to help you at every step of the way so please do not hesitate to ask for advice and help.

Just to finish, never underestimate the importance and significance of the engagement ring. Yes, ultimately it is metal and stone, albeit precious ones, but the emotional charge behind the ring for the owner is incomparable and not to mention the love, passion and craft that goes into the making of the piece.

The engagement ring symbolises Love – which some say is the essence of who we are. So make your choice wisely.

How to Choose a Ring for Engagement Andrew Geoghegan Designer engagement rings & fine jewellery by award winning Andrew Geoghegan

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