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Heavenly Testimonial

I have been advised for many years now to have testimonials on my site however we just haven’t had the time to do it – too busy making rings no doubt! But when this email came through I had no choice but to share it.

I am not in this industry purely for financial gain. I am in it because I love creating jewels and developing an incredible service and business. So when this email landed in my inbox I was deeply touched. The content of the email highlights what makes AG tick; testament to our high quality, customer satisfaction, brilliant service from one of my retail partners, impatience (customers can’t wait to get their hands on it), and to top it off tears, of joy I might add.

The past few months have seen AG going from strength to strength like never before. Receiving such gratitude and delight from customers further strengthens my desire to keep improving our product and service.  2011 is going to be special!

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