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Designer engagement rings Satellite Sapphire - double halo - delightful sapphires - demure diamonds - designed to perfection


Sun shining on Portuguese forest
In the world where creativity and craftsmanship blend seamlessly, my journey unfolds. My inspiration stems from the wonders of nature, as I explore the art of designing. Among my cherished creations stand the acclaimed “designer engagement rings.” Although labelled as such, these rings are not confined to a single occasion, they are perfectly suitable for all occasions and celebrations.

Nature’s Influence & Imagination: A Unique Blend

I find myself captivated by the awe and beauty of nature, allowing it to fuel my imagination. At times it guides my hand as I translate its charm into design. The blend of nature’s influence and my innate creativity gives each creation a totally unique and inspired form.

Curiosity & Unconventional Approachs: Crafting the Exceptional

My curiosity fuels the unconventional, inspiring me to be an explorer and experimenter. I embrace innovative techniques while honouring classic aesthetics. This blend of curiosity and tradition adds a further distinctive touch to each piece, balancing modern creativity with classic elegance.

Andrew Geoghegan's exquisite designer engagement rings: Emergence Flow Diamond Solitaire with a double sided rose cut diamond.
Exquisite designer engagement rings - Asteria Tsavorite - by Andrew Geoghegan - adorned with intricate details and a brilliant cut Tsavorite centerpiece.

Designer Engagement Rings: Gemstone Elegance Beyond Boundaries

Among my proudest achievements are the “designer engagement rings“. Though initially associated with engagements, these rings transcend their label. They symbolize not only commitment but also the celebration of life’s milestones, making them versatile tokens of love and any other emotion or memory you care to mark.

Exquisite Cocktail Rings Chapiteau de Paraiba by Andrew Geoghegan with a hypnotic pariabe tourmaline pink sapphires green tourmalines and diamonds

A Masterpiece of Gem-Setting: Crafted with the Highest Skill 

The heart of my fascination with this craft lies in the art of gem-setting – combining metal and gem. I love to go where no jeweller has gone before, inventing new methods or forms of setting – perhaps using minimal metal or even using more metal than gem. This dance between gem and metal results in pieces that uniquely reflect light, play affectionately with colour and even attempt to create the impossible.

Cannelé Diamond Designer Engagement Rings by Andrew Geoghegan: Exquisite design merging artistry and elegance

Awe: The Beauty of Captivation

My aspiration is to leave admirers awestruck, to evoke a moment of speechless admiration. Like nature’s grandeur, my rings possess the power to captivate, drawing eyes to
their intricate details, curves, and hypnotic colours and reflections.

Conclusion: The Timless Charm of Designer Engagement Rings

In all of my designer engagement rings and jewels
exists an ode to nature, steeped with curiosity, and harness extreme skill.
These pieces transcend labels, offering classic elegance that resonates with diverse celebrations. As you explore these treasures, remember that their charm remains undiminished, ready to adorn the remarkable moments of your journey.

Designer Engagement Rings and Wedding Rings - Empress - Unique, inspired, be different

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