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Clair de Lune Collection - Night Sky-inspired Designer Engagement Rings adorned with colorful gemstones and elegant designs, inspired by the wonders of the night skies and poetic beauty.

Andrew Geoghegan Launches ‘Clair De Lune Couleurs’ Rings

A vivid devotional to the wonderous night skies… 

The breathtaking Clair de Lune Collection – unerringly elegant, ceaselessly captivating – welcomes a trio of colourful additions. The shape as always, full of magic and illusion, every glance reveals some beguiling new aspect. Only now, we see the Clair de Lune rendered in warm gold, rose-red and sea blue palettes. A spellbinding design is reinvented with a cocktail of rubies, white, chocolate and coloured diamonds, blue, orange & pink sapphires, and aquamarine.

Bewitching designs in captivating palettes of stones and precious metals, inspired by nights under the skies of rural France and the classic poetry of Victor Hugo. The Clair de Lune shape plays an irresistible trick on the eye, appearing from above as two crescents facing inwards, locking neatly to hold a ravishing stone. But in profile the illusion is revealed – the setting, rather than being a circle formed of crescents is created by two halos effortlessly twisting up to the peak, where a shimmering chocolate coloured diamond sits. A fluent, curvaceous form surrounds the centre stone.


The Clair de Lune Cocktail Rings are available in a host of gemstones including diamond, coloured diamonds, sapphire, garnets, aquamarine and ruby, set in platinum or 18ct white, yellow or rose gold.

Andrew Geoghegan on the Clair de Lune Couleurs Cocktail Rings: 

“The night sky is a constant muse for me, as is the beautiful poetry of Victor Hugo. They have led me to look at the subtle colour changes of the moon, with the seasons. It can comfort, it can illuminate, it can captivate. My Clair de Lune Couleurs pay homage to the eternal beauty of the ever changing character of nightfall.”

Clair de Lune Roux

A romantic ruby, surrounded by pink sapphires and white diamonds set in 18ct yellow gold.

Clair de Lune Azure

As wondrous as a blue moon, the centre sapphire is surrounded by aquamarine and diamonds and set in pristine platinum.

Clair de Lune Doré

A warm, wonderful chocolate coloured diamond, orange sapphires and yellow diamonds set in rose gold.

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