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Jewellery Servicing

We have proudly offered customers for some years now an annual refinishing service on our pieces and have kept this service complimentary for as long as it has been possible. We must now inform you that this is no longer tenable and it is now necessary for the AG service for all existing AG customers and future customers be charged for. The following gives you some details on your new AG service:

AG has impeccably high standards when it comes to servicing your beautiful jewellery as you would expect.  Using the very best craftsmen, your treasured piece will receive the utmost care and attention to detail before she is safely returned to you delightfully refinished.

You will still receive your email reminder from us although this will be every two years. The service, as mentioned, will now be a paid for one, with the cost dependent on your specific piece and level of work required. The AG refinish process will now be processed through the retailer partner where you made your purchase. When we receive your piece for a service you will be quoted and informed of any options or relevant information before we proceed – we never carry out any work until you are in full agreement.

The following gives points outlines the service details:

  • ·         All items professionally cleaned by the very best craftsmen
  • ·         Refinished to different levels depending on your requirements
  • ·         All stones checked for tightness and damage
  • ·         Any problems rectified

Due to the variation of AG pieces and different levels of servicing required no prices are quoted on this website. If you require an indicative quote before the rings are sent to us please mention this to your retailer.

If your email address has been supplied to us then you will be reminded once every two years about your impending service. Of course you are also able to have your jewellery serviced at any other time which  suits you. Remember, if you notice any problems with your AG jewellery then it is essential you make contact with an AG stockist immediately.

To have your rings serviced, simply take them into your AG stockist and they will discuss your requirements with you. On average, a general service will take up to two weeks from AG receiving the pieces and despatching them back to the retailer. For more involved work required in the servicing you will be quoted a timescale.

If you have not yet given us your email address and wish to receive the two year reminder email, please get in touch viainfo@www.andrewgeoghegan.com with the subject line ’Servicing’.

You are a truly valued AG customer and I trust you understand that this decision has been made through necessity rather than want. We hope you’re enjoying your AG jewellery every day and know you will have many years of happiness from it.

Warm regards,


(The Free Annual Refinish was withdrawn in April 2014 and is no longer valid. All existing and future AG owners will be charged for servicing)


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