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wedding rings and engagement rings – Advice, history and 6 OF our very best

As Bespoke engagement rings and wedding bands become more and more popular - Andrew Geoghegan sets trends with his inimitable style

It’s happened thousands of times before… …and will keep on happening: Couple fall in love Couple fall in love with engagement ring. Couple buy engagement ring. It’s time to buy the wedding ring. Jeweller shows the matching wedding rings. Couple don’t love wedding ring! When you are at the delightful although usually a bit nerve-wracking …

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Stepping Away from Tradition: The Allure of Ruby Engagement Rings

Perfectly Refined Designer Ruby Rings Engagement - Cannele Twist by Andrew Geoghegan

There is no doubt that when it comes to engagement rings, diamond is the common choice – but more and more brides are stepping away from the traditional diamond engagement rings and are hypnoytised by the allure of ruby. With its wonderful shades of red and rich symbolism, ruby has been captivating lovers for centuries. …

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From Tradition to Modernity: A History of Engagement Rings and Their Evolving Meanings

Exquisite designer engagement rings and unique wedding ringsc - Asteria - by Andrew Geoghegan - adorned with intricate details and a brilliant diamond centerpiece.

For centuries, engagement rings have symbolized love and commitment. But have you ever wondered how this tradition began and how it has evolved over time? In this article, we will delve into the fascinating history of engagement rings, tracing their origins all the way to the present day. The concept of engagement rings dates back …

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The Top 5 Desirable and Unique Engagement Rings to Symbolise Love Perfectly

Unique engagement rings do not get better than this - the detail is second to none - andrew geoghegan's asteria

Unique engagement rings – finding the perfect one to symbolize your love can be a daunting task. You want something that is not only unique but also captures the essence of your relationship and, let’s not forget – she must fall in love with it! Look no further, as I present to you my top …

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ENGAGEMENT RINGS YELLOW GOLD: Making a come back and for good reason

Betrothals with AG - featuring the divine Emergence in yellow gold and double sided rose cut diamond - rare and unique jewellery for you

At the turn of this century white metal engagement rings were everywhere. Platinum was the buzz metal and white gold was well priced and being used accordingly! At that time and still to this day white metals are described as ‘pure’ and ‘bright’ and said to work perfectly with white diamonds. I am not going …

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Designer engagement rings Satellite Sapphire - double halo - delightful sapphires - demure diamonds - designed to perfection

In the world where creativity and craftsmanship blend seamlessly, my journey unfolds. My inspiration stems from the wonders of nature, as I explore the art of designing. Among my cherished creations stand the acclaimed “designer engagement rings.” Although labelled as such, these rings are not confined to a single occasion, they are perfectly suitable for …

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Why is Jewellery Good for the Soul?

Bespoke Jewellery Andrew Geoghegan Designer engagement rings & fine jewellery by award winning Andrew Geoghegan

When we envisage the Neanderthal man we imagine a savage warrior focussed on surviving in a harsh world using stone toolsto make weapons for hunting. Yet it seems that even 135,000 years ago man had an intrinsic desire to adorn their bodies with jewellery. An archaeological discovery in Croatia of eagle talons cut in precise …

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