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Choosing the ideal engagement ring is a meaningful journey that begins with understanding the core elements regardless if you are looking at designer engagement rings or just outright unusual engagement rings. We go deeper into this subject in another informative post but please continue reading for a light touch.

To break it down into bite size chunks you need to consider the following; engagement ring style, metal, stone choice and stone cut. For engagement ring style, evaluate your partner’s tastes, look at their existing jewellery, their clothes etc – and work out if they are
classic, modern, minimalist, vintage, or perhaps a combination of some of these. Research these and go with your gut!

Metal Choice

With regards metal choice, again look at what jewellery your partner already has and pay attention to their skin tone. Pale skin with warm undertones works well with rose and yellow golds yet some people with dark complexions and cool blue undertones can find platinum and white gold are perfect for them. 

Platinum is a superior choice for white metals and at the time of writing is more cost effective than 18ct white gold. If your budget allows try and stick to 18ct golds, 14ct next and finally 9ct.

In terms of durability of the metals, platinum is generally the best performing metal and it has a splendid benefit of the metal generally not being worn off the ring but rather moved around – in this way the platinum ring retains it weight more than gold. 

Betrothals with AG - Cannele Twist collection - timeless and inspired jewels
Betrothals with AG - At Andrew Geoghegan we select the finest diamonds and gemstones for all our jewellery

Gemstone Choice

This is a wide topic with diamonds being the choice of many but there are so many alternatives. Many partners would drop hints throughout the relationship as to their preferred gemstone but either way consider how the gem colour will suit your partner and importantly
the durability of the gems. For example, emeralds are beautiful but in an open setting they can damage easily. If diamond is your preferred choice of stone, it would be great to gem up on the 4 Cs of diamonds – Cut, Clarity, Color, and Carat weight.

Be sure to ask us or your jeweller/designer their advice regarding the stone choice.


Stone Cut

Choice of Stone cut is also crucial. You may want to play it safe with the more typical cuts – for examples if your partner is all about the linear, right-angles and brilliance then a princess cut could be great; If she is more about curves and brilliance then perhaps the brilliant, oval or cushion cuts could be winners. You also have wonderful options with the emerald cut and asscher cut which are more understated and unique.

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Betrothals with AG - two diamond cuts in the Satellite Diamond - AG iconic rings

 Symbolism and 


Wedding & engagement rings are powerful symbols of eternal love & commitment, and each element carries a unique significance. The circular form of rings represents unending love and unity, while the brilliance and durability of a diamond symbolizes enduring strength. Traditionally, wearing the betrothal ring on the fourth finger of the left hand has its root in the belief that a vein in this finger leads directly to the heart. It is great to know these facts and others when making your choice as it gives the engagement ring so much more meaning and significance to you

Bespoke Rings & Personalisation

Opting for a bespoke and unique engagement ring allows you to infuse your unique love story or something pertinent to you and your partner into the design. Personalization goes beyond selecting the metal and gemstone; it extends to creating a ring that expresses your journey. 

Engraving a special word on the inside of the ring or a significant date adds a personal touch that never ceases to please and acts as a forever reminder of when the response was “yes.” 

Click AG Bespoke to learn more about our unique and versatile bespoke jewellery design service. 

Betrothals with AG Bespoke Aquamarine and diamonds figure of 8 inspired - enquire about our bespoke service,
Betrothals with AG showing the magic moment of Shekhar Shrestha - Allow Andrew Geoghegan to help make your special moment

Proposal Ideas

From skydiving to sitting in your favourite fish and chip shop, crafting a memorable proposal is an art that requires a deep understanding of your partner’s character and your shared experiences. Be it a romantic destination or an activity you both cherish, the wedding proposal should ideally reflect an expression of your relationship or saying that it can just be something wholly memorable and exciting! Consider weaving in elements that hold sentimental value, creating a moment that resonates with your partner love for you. The key to a successful proposal lies in its authenticity and the thought you invest in making it unique.

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Our curated collection offers an array of jewellery designs, each a masterpiece that tells a story of its own inspiration. From designer engagement rings which honour the classics to contemporary and more unique and unusual engagement rings, each piece is meticulously crafted with unsurpassed attention to detail and an obsession for craftsmanship. Whether you’re drawn to the elegance of a solitaire diamond ring or the brilliance of a halo, our collection is a testament to the diverse facets of love. Each ring invites you to go on a journey that will forever symbolize your commitment and we hope that this above information was helpful in advising you how to Choose a Ring for Engagement.

The Betrothals Wall of Fame

Immerse yourself in the heartwarming images below of love and commitment displayed on our Betrothals Wall of Fame. This collection of images captures some pieces and the genuine joy of couples who began or continued their journey with us. The smiles are authentic and the rings symbolize the promise they made to each other. These stories serve as a reminder of the profound impact that inspired & incredible design, love & craftsmanship of AG engagement and wedding rings can have on shaping such moments.

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