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Autumn/Winter Jewellery Launches


Time nestled away in his South of France design studio has certainly inspired Andrew Geoghegan, and Autumn/Winter 2016 sees the launch of some incredible new pieces to the AG collections. As expected, each new piece is perfectly considered and balanced, with seemingly contrasting elements to create miniature masterpieces. Expect exquisite cocktail rings and captivating engagement and wedding rings alongside new bracelets and earrings



The historic translation of this French word is place for a spectacle or event and this title will be understood on your first glance at the collection. In keeping with the current trend for jewellery with strong geometric form, the hexagon takes centre stage in the Chapiteau to be launched this A/W16 at IJL. This dynamic collection features a decadent and impactful cocktail ring as well as commanding engagement and wedding rings. Whichever of the six-sides you view the pieces from, we guarantee delight.


Cannelé Bracelet

A long-awaited addition to the brands best-selling collection, the delicate Cannelé Bracelet is astonishingly pretty, featuring the signature Cannelé fluting on the setting and within other elements of the piece. Elegant and timeless, one can purchase an all diamond version or choose from other delightful stones including chocolate diamonds, rubies and sapphires – allowing this piece to be entirely tailored to the wishes of the wearer.


Clair de Lune Earrings

The scintillating diamond-set Clair de Drop Earrings are a natural addition to the AG collection following the successful launch of the Clair de Lune bridal rings in February. Additional elements to the collection are also being worked on and will be launched throughout the year. Eveningwear at its very finest, the earrings play beautifully with the lunar crescent theme and these will be an eagerly anticipated launch at IJL in September.


Clair de Lune Couleur

As with many of AG’s diamond collections, colour soon follows on from the classic diamond-set pieces. The Clair de Lune is proving itself to be the most perfect canvas for colourful additions. A rainbow of glorious luminosity, expect rings setting rich sapphire with aquamarines and seductive rubies with pink sapphires. The entire Clair de Lune Couleur collection will delight and inspire.

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