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Andrew Geoghegan joins other Top Designers to create charm bracelet for Breast Cancer Care

Some of the UK’s leading jewellery designers have joined forces to create a stunning, sterling silver, charm bracelet for The British Jewellers’ Association which is to be auctioned at International Jewellery London to raise money for the charity Breast Cancer Care UK.

The bracelet features eight, individual, one-off, charms from a list of designers whose names read like a ‘Who’s Who’ of great jewellery design and who between them have carried off numerous high-profile awards including recognition in the ‘UK Jewellery Awards’ for Alexander Davis, Shaun Leane, Sarah Jordan and Tomasz Donocik and ‘BJA Designer of the Year’ Awards for Andrew Geoghegan and Linda Macdonald. Two further talented designers won the competition staged by The BJA to contribute a charm to the piece. They are Samantha Rose of September Rose and Natalie Towell of Navette Jewellery. The bracelet itself has been designed and crafted by Sarah Jordan a designer well known for her flowing, organic style which has been reflected in the Sterling silver links cast by the Birmingham manufacturer Hockley Mint.

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The designers, who have given their time and materials for free, were all asked by Lindsey Straughton, BJA Marketing Manager to create charms which echo their own individual style whilst also bearing in mind the Charity for which it has been created. “This is a beautiful piece of jewellery that has come together due to a lot of talent and good will. I wish to thank each designer involved for creating something truly unique and thoughtfully representative of this wonderful Charity.” Straughton stated. ‘The result is an eclectic mixture of very different charms which combine to create a pleasing whole; a stunning, British made bracelet’.

Alexander Davis’s Gothic-inspired, globular charm with a central amethyst, known for their healing properties, is similar to some of the pieces in his architecturally inspired iconic ‘Dark Romance’ Collection.

Tomasz Donocik’s rose-gold plated charm featuring a highly faceted globe-shaped amethyst echoes his much admired ‘Rising Star’ collection. Amethysts are purportedly a calming stone with balancing properties to bring peace.

Andrew Geoghegan’s elegant fluted charm with a circlet around its base of 66pts of tiny cabochon green tourmaline is reminiscent of his popular Cannelé collection. Tourmaline is known for detoxification properties.

Sarah Jordan’s charm made in 18ct rose gold with a pink pearl. The rose gold represents a stylised fluid form echoing the breast cancer ribbon which caresses and nurtures the pearl, a symbol of femininity, love and purity.

Shaun Leane’s Cherry Blossom Charm in silver, with pink enamel and rhodalite is handcrafted at the company’s London atelier, with the palette chosen to reflect Breast Cancer Care. Cherry Blossom is a flower which blooms in spring and reflects hope and new beginnings.

Linda Macdonald’s hand-made charm is loosely based on her successful ‘Scribbles’ Collection and represents intertwining journeys and different paths through life. The inclusion of a butterfly signifies transformation, development, change and the hope of a new life.

Samantha Rose at September Rose chose a contemporary working of a butterfly for her charm as a symbol of hope, joy and new beginnings. Her abstract 3D design also draws on her love of Art Nouveau and of Celtic knotwork.

Natalie Towell of Navette Jewellery has named her heart-shaped charm ‘Spirit Within’. This encompasses a pink tourmaline bead and has soft curved lines with millgrain beading while its ‘prettiness’, is intended to stress the fact that femininity is forever present.

The IJL Auction – Sunday 31 August 2014

The BJA’s charm bracelet will be sold by volunteer auctioneer, past BJA Chairman, David Doyle Managing Director of Jewellery Brokers at IJL during the Charity Auction Commenting on the auction Sam Willoughby, IJL Event Director stated “In celebration of IJL’s new venue we wanted to celebrate retail and what better way than with a ‘Late Night Shopping’ evening! IJL showcases the best in jewellery design, and the charity auction in aid of Breast Cancer Care features the best of the best. The bracelet joins eleven other one-of-a-kind auction lots, all generously designed and donated specifically for the

Breast Cancer Charity Care IJL Auction by selected IJL designers and suppliers. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved for their dedication and hard work and we look forward to an exciting night of bidding at IJL on the Sunday evening at 5.15pm.”

Speaking about the completed bracelet, Sarah Jordan said: “I could not be more delighted with how this has turned out. I am blown away with how they all sit together so amazingly well. Each charm has real meaning and I feel sure that there will be many, many people out there who would love to own it. Not simply because it is a real one off, unique bracelet but because by doing so they will be helping a truly worthwhile cause.”

Pledge online at www.jewellerylondon.com

Members of the public and those in the trade unable to be at IJL will nevertheless be able to take part in the auction by placing their bids online in a ‘Silent Auction’ prior to the show until 25 August 2014. The highest online pledges will start the actual bidding on the night so participants are advised to aim high.


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