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A Right Royal Knees-Up!

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Not since 1981, when that fabulous sapphire engagement ring surrounded by diamonds appeared the first time around, has the world been so excited about a royal wedding.  With William and Kate’s announcement of a spring time celebration accompanied by the fabulous news that we all get an official day off to enjoy it, royal wedding fever has enraptured the nation.

Gripped by news stories speculating over the fine details, Andrew Geoghegan Ltd, has been pondering over what would make the perfect royal wedding.  With the UK trying hard to crawl out of the depths of economic recession we doubt William and Kate will go for the pomp and circumstance that regaled the wedding of Charles and Diana back in the eighties.  But we still expect something more than a little bit special to cheer us all up.

We’ll spend time wondering what Kate’s dress will be like; where William will take his friends on the stag do and what jokes Harry will make at his older brother’s expense in the best man’s speech.  But speculate as we may, it’s hard to imagine how this contemporary royal pair will celebrate their union.

We doubt they’ll opt for one of those popular themed occasions which force guest to dress up like Vikings or other historical figures – it just wouldn’t go down well with the Queen and her friends the Heads of State.  We imagine they’ll avoid scenes of faux-fairytales with lots of pink taffeta like those adopted by Katy Price and Posh Spice in celebrity weddings splashed over the front cover of HELLO magazine.

We do imagine that there will be high glamour, exquisite tailoring and some incredibly impressive hats. Like a red carpet occasion, there will be designer outfits galore and plenty of famous faces to spot. And we can only assume that Kate’s huge sapphire will be complemented by something equally as fabulous as she takes the spotlight at as a future Queen of England.

As the crowds delight in watching a new era of royalty take their vows at Westminster, we know guests will be sipping the finest champagne dusted down from the special section of Prince Charles’ cellar and that the canapés served at the wedding breakfast will be much better than those from your average wedding caterer.

With less than an 100 days to go, we know we’ll join the millions of people who’ll gasp in admiration at Katy’s bridal wear on April 29th and feel a sense of national pride as William and Kate become Mr and Mrs King and Queen to be.  But as for the finer details we can only wonder with the rest of the world.  With cameras from all corners of the commonwealth rolling, we know for certain it will be a right royal knees-up!

There’s an interview with the happy couple over on youtube.

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