‘Slow Fashion’ is Picking Up Pace. - Andrew Geoghegan



‘Slow Fashion’ is Picking Up Pace.


In a world of gross over-consumption there is a growing desire amongst some designers and consumers to move away from items that are churned out to match the season’s latest trend and then discarded when the next fashion hits the catwalk. The so-called ‘Slow Fashion’ movement is one which encourages consumers to purchase items that have real longevity, advocating that purchases invest in real craftsmanship and consider classic designs over passing fads.

It’s all about becoming a conscious consumer by actively choosing brands that appreciate the bigger picture, who are keen to minimize the social and environmental costs of mass production and who are keen to move towards a more sustainable fashion industry.

Andrew Geoghegan has never been tempted down the low cost, high volume model preferring to focus the brand’s attention on jewellery that is impeccably well-made.  Our pieces are regarded as investments.  It’s true that Slow Fashion brands often come with a higher price tag but it is one that reflects the cost of making classic pieces that are created to stand the test of time.  Indeed, Slow Fashion brands, like ours, often offer repair or restyling services to help the consumer keep their pieces beautiful for longer.

Slow Fashion encourages the age-old tradition of passing items of value from one generation to the next and with it the story of who created it and for what purpose.  It is a movement that enjoys the personality of pieces and encourages the consumer to seek out designers who can offer bespoke designs to satisfy the needs of creativity, identity and participation in individuals.

Slow Fashion isn’t a passing craze, it’s a movement that harks back to a bygone era where jewellery and clothes weren’t regarded as throwaway items but as something you kept, looked after and valued.  It’s a movement supported by designers, industry leaders and a growing number of savvy consumers who want to choose quality over quantity.


You can find out more about the Slow Fashion Movement here: http://slowfashionforward.org/slowfashionvalues