The Bespoke AG Snake Ring – A Fitting Tribute & Exquisite Work of Art - Andrew Geoghegan



The Bespoke AG Snake Ring – A Fitting Tribute & Exquisite Work of Art

I am used to creating bespoke pieces for clients – the likes of which often have a particularly touching story or sentiment behind them. It’s always a great pleasure and honour to be involved in bringing to life something which is so very personal.

Recently, I was commissioned by a very good friend of mine to create a ring of immense sentiment. The stone was taken from a ring his mother had worn before she passed away, and he wanted to create something he could wear always as a tribute to her. My friend is also a keen ‘Kundalini’ Yoga practitioner and the symbol for which is two snakes entwined. And so the journey began, and I set about creating one of AG’s most adventurous rings to date…
It took many hours to create the detailed CAD design for the ring, then many more for the exact design to be painstakingly crafted and then beautifully finished by hand engravers. And we are delighted to say that the efforts paid off. The final ring is a real miniature masterpiece, completely unique and incredibly lifelike – with the stone from my friends mother’s ring set beautifully between the snakes heads and tails.

Although there are no plans for this type of work to form a full AG range, it was great fun designing this piece partly because of how much it meant to my friend but also the fact that it was so far away from anything I had designed before.

If you’re looking for a bespoke piece, even if it is not in keeping with the AG style, I hope you see just how versatile the AG design house is, and get in touch for more information.

A huge thanks to my friend for letting me be part of this project – and I know it will become something he can pass down from generation to generation.