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Unusual stone Settings – an AG Passion

Now I don’t know about you, but as a child I was fascinated by how things were put together. I remember spending hours taking apart pretty much anything I couldn’t initially figure out (including birthday and Christmas presents – much to the horror of my long-suffering parents). It’s a passion (read: infatuation) I’ve continued through to my adult years; studying, building, designing and creating pieces that both captivate and intrigue.

Those of you who know me will recognise the design element which really sets me apart from other jewellery designers is the ongoing pursuit to push boundaries with my jewellery, in particular the way in which I set the stones into each piece.

I suppose you could say I’m intoxicated by seeing how far a piece of jewellery can also be viewed as a design vessel carrying (an undeniably exquisite) precious stone.

“Alright Andrew, curb your enthusiasm”, I hear you cry – but surely the overall goal for any beautiful piece of jewellery is that it is a delight to look at from every angle? In my mind, jewellery, be it an unusual cocktail ring, sparkling engagement ring, earrings or a pendant, should be created in such a way that it demands others to stop and stare – and what better way to do this than to set the stone in a way which allows every part of its ‘shiny glory’ to be seen and admired?

That’s why I chose to showcase some beautiful examples of unusual stone settings for this months ‘AG loves…’ blog. I found these little stunners on Pinterest (a visual feast of inspiration for all you jewellery lovers) and thought it would be rude not to showcase some of the incredible pieces other designers are pulling out of the hat.


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