She said YES! A Christmas Love Story - Andrew Geoghegan



She said YES! A Christmas Love Story

What a year 2012 has been. I’ve become a dad for the first time and felt more invigorated than ever designing some of my most exceptional pieces to date. All this innovating wouldn’t have been possible without the help and support of you lovely lot, so my final email of 2012 is rightly dedicated to you all.

As I was writing this newsletter and thinking about what an incredible year we’ve had here at AG Towers, I saw an email pop up in my inbox. The first line?

‘Hi Andrew, SHE SAID YES!’

In the past I’ve debated what it is that keeps me as motivated as I am to design show-stopping engagement and cocktail rings. Are my designs about creating perfect showcases of love or are they something more personal to me and my creative spirit? Perhaps the love ‘thing’ was simply a brilliant byproduct? When I read that first line today, it finally hit home, THIS was why creating jewellery was so special. From conversations with new or existing retailers who are dying to stock the AG pieces, to a secret email from a groom planning his big proposal – there’s so much I genuinely enjoy about my job.

As I looked through the pictures of Chris (the lucky fella) and his new fiancée, whose finger was sparkling with a beautiful custom made 1ct diamond Reveal Ring (Yes, a lucky lady too!)  I couldn’t help but feel a gargantuan grin spread across my face.

The feedback I get from you all about the jewellery designs and the pleasure they’ve brought to you and your loved ones is one of the constant driving forces that keeps me innovating. It’s what helps me bounce out of bed in the morning (that and baby Art’s hunger cries!) and it really is just fantastic.

What I’m trying to say is basically, THANK YOU!

Well, that’s probably enough gushing from me, so from everyone at team AG, here’s wishing you all a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS. Get ready for more jewellery beauties in 2013.


Reveal Ring