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AG inspired – Boccioni; Unique Forms of Continuity in Space

As a Jewellery Designer, I find inspiration in a ridiculous number of things. In the past I’ve taken inspiration from architecture, nature, art, words both written and spoken, and of course a great amount of inspiration has come from many other jewellery designers whom I consider geniuses. I decided it was about time I started blogging about some of my favourite pieces of inspiration, since I guess that’s what a blog is all about, and so you might get a little more insight into the mind behind the designs…scary I know!

Lets do this.

First up is Boccioni; Unique Forms of Continuity in Space. Something about this piece has appealed to me greatly since my days at University. Like many others, at uni I was very active sports wise and had a fascination ne addiction to building muscle. It was as if I saw my body as a canvas and wanted to chisel and develop an aesthetic, muscular physique – I would not deny that my ego was in on it also (but what university aged boys isn’t?!). The sculpture initially appealed to me because of its dynamic and statuesque form but on a deeper level I was taken by the way a sculptor could express movement so perfectly.

What Boccioni has done is give the sense of moving form – not a snap shot, more actually how we potentially really see or experience movement. A member of the Futurists art movement in the early part of this century, I would say that his art was an attempt to express itself closer to reality – not what we think reality is, but actually as it is.

A slightly deeper blog than my others but hopefully you enjoyed it. For those of you concerned with the sudden serious turn to the blog, don’t worry, I’ll still be sure to post blogs of Wilbur painted blue by new Baby Geoghegan and other such amusing things.

Let me know if you’ve got any specific inspirations that have stuck with you through the years, I’d love to hear about them.