November 2010 - Andrew Geoghegan



Heavenly Testimonial

I have been advised for many years now to have testimonials on my site however we just haven’t had the time to do it – too busy making rings no doubt! But when this email came through I had no choice but to share it.

I am not in this industry purely for financial gain. I am in it because I love creating jewels and developing an incredible service and business. So when this email landed in my inbox I was deeply touched. The content of the email highlights what makes AG tick; testament to our high quality, customer satisfaction, brilliant service from one of my retail partners, impatience (customers can’t wait to get their hands on it), and to top it off tears, of joy I might add.

The past few months have seen AG going from strength to strength like never before. Receiving such gratitude and delight from customers further strengthens my desire to keep improving our product and service.  2011 is going to be special!

It’s a Dog’s Life for me!

So after 10 years of saying “I want a dog” and 10 years of coming up with every reason not to take the plunge, I visited a Vizsla breeder in March of this year. Why a Vizsla and some of you may ask what is a Vizsla? Well, three years ago I was with one of my retail customers, S T Hopper in Boston, Lincolnshire. Whilst I was showing off my goodies, Rufus the Hungarian Vizsla bounded into the room tale a-wagging. For those of you not familiar with the Vizsla they are similar to the Vimarana  but with a red coat and more slender features. A very intelligent and regal looking dog, bred to aid in hunting. I was back in Boston early 2010 and as my girlfriend and I had been seriously considering getting a pooch I asked them to bring in Rufus. And that was that! Decision made.

Discover Dog Tags

Now back to the breeder; spending a couple of hours with a litter of 11 eight week old puppies is good fun whatever age you are. We avoided the monstrous alpha male vying for our attention and went for the quiet one at the back of the stable. The mother decided to lean on my girlfriend which we took as a auspicious sign and off we went. Very careful driving and a portion of sick later we arrived home and that marked the start of Wilbur’s new life – and ours! Those of you who have had a puppy will know that the past few months have been emotional, challenging, brilliant, hilarious and expensive to name but a few! I have to admit that I am loving having a dog and the challenges pail into insignificance when I am on a walk in the woods. As a business owner pretty much fanatical about and addicted to my work, having a dog has taken me out of my office and away from my laptop. This has had a really positive effect in that I am less consumed with work and more relaxed and effective when in work – less is more!

As Wilbur has got more confident and started to stray further away on walks, we realised it was time to purchase a dog tag. I visited the local pet shop and saw an array of uninspired products. I opted for a plain tag but then I thought why not try designing something! As a jewellery designer surely I could up with something stylish and fitting, so on went the kettle and out came the pencil and design book. As I started to develop some ideas the question in my mind was why should I just stick to creating something just for Wilbur, offer it as a product to put in my range. The AG theme of 2010 is all about creating new and exciting products and this certainly seemed to fit the bill if a little leftfield.

I am aware that there are practical dog owners and also the type of owners who like to lavish their pets. My aim was that a ‘touch’ of luxury would appeal to both as long as it was unique idea. The Discover Dog Tag was born and I would describe it as a luxury dog tag because of the precious stones and craftsmanship involved. This canine creation is available in white and black diamonds, blue, pink and yellow sapphires as well as rubies – in this way the owner can choose which colour best suits their dog’s coat or gender. The Dog Tags are available in silver but for those who do want to lavish their best friend, gold and platinum tags are also available. Each tag is engraved on the back to your specifications and we also offer a design service where we will create a Bespoke Dog Tag especially for you.

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