All Images on Flickr - Andrew Geoghegan



All Images on Flickr

All our images have had some TLC: Re-touched, backgrounds whitened and standardised in size. We have uploaded them to Flickr. But how is this helpful you may ask?

  • If you are a Journalist or Editor, then all the images can be downloaded in 300dpi with no need to cut the images out.
  • If you are an AG Retailer, then these can be downloaded in high res for your advertisements and also for your website.
  • If you are a simply looking for stunning piece of AG jewellery you can see the full range in one glance rather than trawling through the site.

So all you retailers and journalists, downloading is a cinch:

  1. Click on Andrew Geoghegan Flickr and you should see a page with a large selection of images.
  2. Click on the relevant photo you would like to download.
  3. You should now see a large image with an ‘actions’ tab on top.
  4. Click the ‘Actions’ tab and then ‘view all sizes’.
  5. You can click which ever size you want to view and then download. All the images are 300dpi and the original image is the largest.

Each time we shoot new pieces we will update the collection on Flickr so keep logging on from time to time. If you are struggling at any point then please get in touch.