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Andrew Geoghegan Launches the Cannelé Petit

Cannelé Petit Header

The potent style and elegance of our classic, enduring Cannelé design is reworked here, in the stunning Cannelé Petit. Understated but confident, this dainty adaptation keeps its powerful allure, with a choice of 0.15ct centre stones at its heart within a pristine halo of diamonds. The signature fluted detail of the setting is all the more entrancing for its scale and precision.

We are delighted and proud to launch this perfect addition to our award-winning collection. The Cannelé is our most sought after creation and the ‘Petit’ brings the range to a wider audience with  prices from £1695 to £1995.

The Cannelé Petit makes a perfect ring – be it for an engagement or simply a romantic gesture. She is also the first of our collections to feature emerald, one of nature’s most alluring of gemstones. The colour and lustre of the emeralds we hand select are spellbinding, as are the other coloured stones in this collection.

Cannelé Petit Emerald

Liberty London to Stock Andrew Geoghegan

Paraiba Andrew Geoghegan

Jewellery brand Andrew Geoghegan has announced a deal with Liberty London department store to stock its pieces.

The pieces are available through the company Kojis, which showcases fine jewellery including jewellery art thousands of years old.

The Andrew Geoghegan pieces will be stocked at Great Marlborough Street, a prime shopping location, as the company looks to push further into statement pieces and high jewellery.

The likes of the Chapiteau de Paraiba (pictured) and the signature Chocolate Boxes are part of the offering at Kojis, Liberty as well as the Satellite and Celestial collections.

This new relationship is especially poignant for Geoghegan due to the friendship his great, great grandfather, Charles Holme had with the Liberty founder, Arthur Lasenby Liberty.

Geoghegan said: “In recent years, London has been a surprisingly challenging location to select the right retail partners and I am naturally delighted that we have struck gold as it were with Kojis at Liberty.

“I have a strong memory as a young boy of my father pointing to a portrait of a young, wide eyed man hanging in my grandparent’s house. He told me that this was Charles Holme and talked about his link to Liberty. This makes the relationship we are developing all the more special.”

Andrew Geoghegan in ADORN Magazine



Six of the best


Every delicious side of our distinctive, hexagonal Chapiteau is adorned with diamonds, dripping with jewels, its shape alone a decadent ode to the drama and flamboyance of Versailles. Add to that the rainbow of precious stones it holds, and the Chapiteau is nothing short of show-stopping, a collection to help you shine on any occasion.

From snow-bright white diamonds to warm, seductive chocolaty brown diamonds, blood red rubies and sea-blue sapphires, the Chapiteau is spectacularly unrestrained. There’s formality in the hexagonal setting, but rich precious gems bring riotous colour to the unique design to make it a masterpiece of bohemian chic.

The Chapiteau de Paraiba takes it just that little bit further, and is a sure-fire way to achieve this season’s audacious look. Lavish and exuberant, the irresistible blue Paraiba tourmaline is surrounded by a coterie of glimmering pink stones, framed with mint green tourmaline and an abundance of diamonds.

And it’s not just a statement piece – its stately, elegant shape, its grace and poise, lend it perfectly to engagement and wedding rings, too. Replace those lush gemstones with pure, flawless white diamonds and the Chapiteau becomes a grand romantic gesture – a dazzling, six-sided dedication to love.

We’ve topped off the Chapiteau collection with a spectacular translation of the theme into earrings, set in luxuriant 18ct yellow gold. Graceful and fine, but abundant with glimmering stones and vivid colour, two hexagonal frames are adorned with a cocktail of sapphires, tsavorites and diamonds. And for occasions that call for a little less drama, the second hexagon is detachable – opulent and adaptable!

A time to shine

Winter background

A well-chosen piece of beautiful jewellery is a gift that will forever give – something to be cherished and enjoyed for a lifetime. This Christmas, choose a gift that will shine on – jewellery conceived and crafted into unique pieces of precision-designed chic, by renowned international award-winning designer, Andrew Geoghegan. Here we bring you the seasonal best – stunning jewellery just made for this magical time of year.

Want to be the talk of cocktail season? Choose our flamboyant ode to Versailles, the breathtaking Chapiteau Paraiba, with its lavish flurry of pink sapphires, aquamarines and pristine diamonds with a distinctive hexagonal setting. Bold, alluring, and timeless, this is quite possibly all the cocktail jewellery you’ll ever need.

As a token of love this Christmas, give the incredibly special Clair de Lune ring. With a unique shape, playfully tricking the eye, it allows light to bounce from every facet of each gorgeous stone. Set with pristine-white diamonds, sapphires, chocolate coloured diamonds or rubies – somewhere in this collection, you’ll find the perfect gift. Or the mesmerising, unique Satellite, which sets a halo of bright white diamonds around a captivating gemstone, balanced with a lone diamond. Beautifully crafted using a variety of gemstones, this is a versatile family of pieces, each of which would be a gift to treasure forever.

If you’re planning on making this the most romantic of festive seasons, the Andrew Geoghegan engagement collection is a series of beautiful reasons to say yes. The bubbling stream of fine, intricately cut diamonds set on the Cannelé des Cévennes is designed to capture every change of light, a simple but beautifully bold ring. The setting of the Embrace ring gently holds an exquisitely cut stone above a stream of diamonds coursing along its platinum band. And the classic, elegant Cannelé Trois places three brilliant-cut diamonds in amongst a cluster of intricately cut stones, set in gently fluted platinum. You’ll find these and other flawless creations in the engagement collection.

Andrew Geoghegan Launches ‘Clair De Lune Couleurs’ Rings


A vivid devotional to the wonderous night skies… 

The breathtaking Clair de Lune Collection – unerringly elegant, ceaselessly captivating – welcomes a trio of colourful additions. The shape as always, full of magic and illusion, every glance reveals some beguiling new aspect. Only now, we see the Clair de Lune rendered in warm gold, rose-red and sea blue palettes. A spellbinding design is reinvented with a cocktail of rubies, white, chocolate and coloured diamonds, blue, orange & pink sapphires, and aquamarine.

Bewitching designs in captivating palettes of stones and precious metals, inspired by nights under the skies of rural France and the classic poetry of Victor Hugo. The Clair de Lune shape plays an irresistible trick on the eye, appearing from above as two crescents facing inwards, locking neatly to hold a ravishing stone. But in profile the illusion is revealed – the setting, rather than being a circle formed of crescents is created by two halos effortlessly twisting up to the peak, where a shimmering chocolate coloured diamond sits. A fluent, curvaceous form surrounds the centre stone.


The Clair de Lune Cocktail Rings are available in a host of gemstones including diamond, coloured diamonds, sapphire, garnets, aquamarine and ruby, set in platinum or 18ct white, yellow or rose gold.

Andrew Geoghegan on the Clair de Lune Couleurs Cocktail Rings: 

“The night sky is a constant muse for me, as is the beautiful poetry of Victor Hugo. They have led me to look at the subtle colour changes of the moon, with the seasons. It can comfort, it can illuminate, it can captivate. My Clair de Lune Couleurs pay homage to the eternal beauty of the ever changing character of nightfall.”

Clair de Lune Roux

A romantic ruby, surrounded by pink sapphires and white diamonds set in 18ct yellow gold.

Clair de Lune Azure

As wondrous as a blue moon, the centre sapphire is surrounded by aquamarine and diamonds and set in pristine platinum.

Clair de Lune Doré

A warm, wonderful chocolate coloured diamond, orange sapphires and yellow diamonds set in rose gold.

To find out more information or enquire about your nearest retailer simply get in touch with us now!

Andrew Geoghegan Launches Chapiteau De Diamants Bridal Set


An enchanting engagement ring and matching wed to mark the most magical of declarations…

There is no more magical a day, and the Chapiteau De Diamants Bridal Set is the perfect wedding day memento and abiding symbol of love. This enchanting engagement ring glimmers with luxuriant diamonds set in sublime platinum – the perfect way to mark the most romantic of events. The soft curve of the band gives rise to a distinctive hexagonal setting, home to a pool of exquisitely cut diamonds that play with the light for a captivating, magical display.

Echoing the dynamic form of the engagement ring, the stone set wedding band is available half or full-set.


Engagement: A strikingly clear, bright 0.33ct diamond centre in a gleaming platinum setting.

Wedding: Perfect platinum holds bright white diamonds, set fully or half way around the band.


The sensational Chapiteau de Diamants is also available in a host of precious stones set in platinum or 18ct white, rose or yellow gold. The Chapiteau matching wedding ring is available with a fully or half diamonds, or as a plain band.

Andrew Geoghegan on the Chapiteau de Diamants:

Chapiteau de Diamants is as lavish and exuberant as it is gently mesmerising. An understated adaptation of the exuberant Chapiteau theme, I’ve worked with the internal form of the hexagonal to bring breathtaking detail to a simple, elegant concept – a truly distinctive engagement ring.”

To find out more information or enquire about your nearest retailer simply get in touch with us now!

Andrew Geoghegan Launches Chapiteau De Paraiba Cocktail Ring


Inspired by Versailles, alive with decadence, opulence and theatre…

Every facet of the breathtaking Chapiteau de Paraiba Cocktail Ring is a canvas for an extravagant collection of stones, the angles of the hexagonal setting echoed in falling chevrons of diamonds through the band. Chapiteau’s lavish, angular centre uses depth, space and light to add drama to an irresistibly alluring blue Paraiba tourmaline, lauded above a coterie of glimmering pink sapphires. Each of the hexagon’s six panels hosts a cool, mint green tourmaline framed by an abundance of diamond light.


A wonderful 2.91ct Paraiba, with pink sapphires, mint green tourmalines and diamonds set in white gold.


The unique Chapiteau de Paraiba is available in a host of precious stones set in platinum or 18ct white, rose or yellow gold.

Andrew Geoghegan on the Chapiteau de Paraiba Cocktail Ring:

“I was spellbound by the unabashed indulgence of Versailles and designed Chapiteau to express just that – the endless wonder of something that misses no opportunity to shine brighter, sparkle deeper or captivate for longer.”

To find out more information or enquire about your nearest retailer simply get in touch with us now!

Andrew Geoghegan Launches Clair De Lune Diamond Drop Earrings


An ardent devotional to the wonderous night skies…

A truly exquisite addition to the Clair de Lune collection, these drop earrings are the epitome of elegant glamour. Inverted crescent moons, moving independently, a stream of immaculate diamonds, in a rise and fall of sizes, catching the light and glinting along their setting. The white gold vertical axis is also set with diamonds, a tumble of tiny bright stars.


Two stunning, enveloping crescents of white gold, set with bright white diamonds. 


Clair de Lune drop earrings are available in 18ct white, yellow and rose gold and platinum.

Andrew Geoghegan on the Clair de Lune Drop Earrings:

“This design captures the silent movement of the night sky, the glinting of those far away stars and the bright wonder of the celestial dance – all a constant and wonderful inspiration to me.”

To find out more information or enquire about your nearest retailer simply get in touch with us now!

Andrew Geoghegan Launches Cannelé Bracelet


The perfect addition to the most sought after AG collection…

Suffused with that inimitably Gallic appeal, this fine, detailed Cannelé bracelet is designed to sit so gracefully and close-fitting to the wrist. An elegant blend of classic Cannelé fluted beads, placed along an elegant chain, with a spectacular centre diamond, the star of the show. The adjustable slider allows you to fit its length and look to suit you effortlessly, and a hand engraved clasp is just the perfect finishing touch.


The timeless Cannelé bracelet is available in white gold, with a central 0.25ct G VS diamond.


The Cannelé bracelet is available in a variety of precious stones and sizes in 18ct white, rose and yellow gold.

Andrew Geoghegan on the Cannelé Bracelet:

“The Cannelé ring was my first French inspired creations so my recent retreats in this beautiful country were fitting for me to further develop the collection. As you would expect, the bracelet holds all the fineness, beauty and delight of the original ring.“

To find out more information or enquire about your nearest retailer simply get in touch with us now!

Andrew Geoghegan Launches Chapiteau De Coloré Earrings


A bejeweled expression of the flamboyance and opulence of Versailles…

The Chapiteau de Coloré show-stopping earrings, set in luxuriant 18ct yellow gold. Graceful and fine, but abundant with glimmering stones and vivid colour, two hexagonal frames are adorned with a cocktail of sapphires, tourmaline and diamonds, their gentle movement capturing every glimmer of light. The second, larger hexagon can be detached for a simpler look.


Tourmalines, sapphires and diamonds are ingeniously set in two hexagonal frames of 18ct yellow gold.


The Chapiteau de Coloré is available with a variety of precious stones set in platinum or 18ct white, rose or yellow gold.

Andrew Geoghegan on the Chapiteau de Coloré Earrings:

“I was spellbound by the unabashed indulgence of Versailles and designed Chapiteau to express just that – the endless wonder of something that misses no opportunity to shine brighter, sparkle deeper or captivate for longer.”

To find out more information or enquire about your nearest retailer simply get in touch with us now!



We’re delighted to announce that British Jewellery Designer, Andrew Geoghegan, has been awarded the Editor’s Choice ‘Technical Excellence’ Award at International Jewellery London 2015 (IJL) for his ring, the Renaissance.

This is the second time Andrew has been awarded an Editor’s Choice award – which recognises and showcases jewellery designers who exhibit the most creative and cutting edge jewellery at IJL. Pieces are judged and winners selected by Claire Adler, Jewellery and Luxury Journalist and Sam Willoughby, Event Director at IJL.

IJL explained why the Renaissance is so special:

“The Renaissance Ring is a truly innovative take on a classic design and also boasts an exquisite form of stone setting. Classic designs are usually described as such because of their aesthetics, longevity and style. It is essential that when a designer is developing ideas based on classics, they retain respect for them and are very sensitive as to how they are reinvented or adapted. When viewed from the top, the Renaissance ring is a delightful cluster and perhaps the only distinguishing feature is the elongated and dynamic centre stone claws. However, when the ring is rotated, the real magic of the piece emerges. Many of Andrew’s designs have ‘fluidity’ as an underlying theme and this ring is no exception. The centre claws appear to travel through the surround setting, morph into the shank and then flow seamlessly into the surround setting – representing a highly complicated skilled feat in terms of CAD, goldsmithing and the setting of the surround stones.”

Andrew Geoghegan commented on the win;

“Winning Editor’s Choice is incredible news for me – as it will give the company increased awareness with both the trade and consumer, as well as ‘wrap’ the brand in yet more excellence. The benefits internally are equally dramatic as the whole team is understandably delighted and further motivated. For me personally, it is an industry pat on the back and acknowledgement that we are on the right track. Winning also has an extra significance as we launch our eagerly awaited rebrand which we promise is confident, innovative and luxury – as you would expect!”

Claire Adler added: “The clean lines and geometric finish of Andrew Geoghegan’s Renaissance ring belie its intricacy. It incorporates the workmanship of a dedicated and passionate jeweller”.

Since winning his first Editor’s Choice Award in 2011, Andrew Geoghegan has won Designer of the Year with the BJA and also been shortlisted for Designer of the Year with Retail Jeweller.

Andrew Geoghegan Launches the Cannelé Cushion Engagement Ring


Here at AG HQ we’re extremely excited about a certain addition to one of our well-loved engagement ring collections.

We debuted the Cannelé Cushion to the jewellery industry at Houlden London in February and are so pleased to finally be able to introduce this beautiful new ring to you all!

Extending the best-selling Cannelé range – which currently consists of the highly popular Twist and rings, the Cushion – was the ideal next step for AG.

The demand for stones combining a square cut with rounded corners began around 200 years ago, where they were marvelled for their regal-looking shape and sparkle and so, the enticing, all new Cannelé Cushion reaffirms the inspiration of classicism behind the entire collection.

As this cut has become exceedingly more sought after in the modern marketplace, with the recent trend for ‘fancy cut’ centre diamond engagement rings, we knew it would be the ideal addition to our delicate yet striking Cannelé collection.

The Cannel is alluring, with a third of a carat diamond cushion cut surrounded by stunning accent diamonds, creating a deeply desirable ring that is stimulating senses.

Meticulous hours of work have gone into combining the square aspects of the cushion alongside the delicate band as well as the impeccable detailing across the rear of the ring. This is a design that is just as eye-catchingly beautiful from underneath as from the top.

Soft, feminine and timelessly beautiful, this new ring is effortlessly complimentary and is sure to delight anyone who casts their eyes upon it.

We’re incredibly proud of this new creation and cannot wait to hear your thoughts.


Andrew Geoghegan Launches Chocolate Box Blue Cocktail Ring

Andrew Geoghegan is building on what has already been a wonderful start to 2015 with the launch of the delicious Chocolate Box Blue cocktail ring. This pure statement piece will join the already recognised Chocolate Box collection, which includes the Original, Rose, Envy and Clash.

Andrew has decided to launch the new colourway of this iconic cocktail ring after the success of the existing Chocolate Box range. The signature creation is the perfect purchase for anyone who is looking to have a wonderfully confident creation in tantalising shades of one of this year’s must-have colours, blue.


Cannelé Collection Named as one of the Top Five Bridal Collections of 2014

Andrew Geoghegan’s Cannelé collection has been awarded the coveted ‘Highly Commended’ accolade in the Bridal Collection category of Professional Jeweller’s ‘Collections of the Year’ 2014 awards.

Pro jeweller collection of the year

The highly commended title sees Andrew’s Cannelé range recognised as one of the top five bridal collections of 2014.

Speaking about the Cannelé collection, Professional Jeweller had this to say:

“With its delicate setting and shank reminiscent of its French namesake, the Andrew Geoghegan Cannelé collection has won praise across the industry since its launch. It heralds AG’s brand move into the realms of ‘pretty’ engagement rings and fine jewellery – showcasing a lighter and more delicate route than the brand’s established offering.

The word Cannelé reflects the shape of the main setting in the collection of engagement rings, stud earrings and pendants. Each of the delicate flutings are cut and polished under a microscope, with the collection designed to be highly personalised by each customer.

Geoghegan has commented that the Cannelé is the perfect engagement ring, stating that the engagement ring has been the brand’s fastest-selling piece since its launch”.

Cannelé collection year

AG jewellery has received notable acclaim over the last 12 months, with Andrew crowned the British Jewellers’ Association ‘Designer of the Year’ in December 2013. At the Retail Jeweller ‘UK Watch & Jewellery awards’, Andrew was again thrown into the spotlight, shortlisted for ‘Designer of the Year’ and receiving further praise for his Cannelé collection which went on to become a finalist in the same awards.

Of his success Andrew noted:

“For me, it’s all about quality, quality, quality. I’ve sourced some of the very best goldsmiths and setters in the world and together we’re creating incredible pieces, the likes of which have never been seen before. This year was about creating cohesive suites of jewellery, adding more gents weds, earrings and pendants – which is what AG customers are asking for. 2015 is going to be huge for us with a complete rebrand and reinvigorated marketing plan”. 

Andrew Geoghegan Announced as Finalist in Two UK Watch & Jewellery Award 2014

It’s with delight that today I can announce that AG has been named as a finalist in two of the UK Watch & Jewellery Awards 2014 categories. We’ve been shortlisted for both the ‘Designer of the Year’ and the ‘Bridal Collection of the Year’ for the stunning Cannelé range.

This brilliant news comes to you from AG towers, where the team is currently celebrating with a well-deserved cup of tea and pack of fancy biscuits (because nothing says HOORAY like a decent mug of Yorkshire tea).

I’ve worked harder than ever in the past year to continue to build the AG brand into one of true British excellence. I’ve felt a surge of energy and inspiration and hope you would agree that the recent collections are exceptional in design and attention to detail.

For me, it’s all about quality, quality, quality. I’ve sourced some of the very best goldsmiths and setters in the world and together we’re creating incredible pieces, the likes of which have never been seen before

As always, thank you all so much for your continued support of AG – I aim to wow you all with more show-stopping pieces in the very near future.

Keep your fingers crossed for me!


Jewellery Servicing

We have proudly offered customers for some years now an annual refinishing service on our pieces and have kept this service complimentary for as long as it has been possible. We must now inform you that this is no longer tenable and it is now necessary for the AG service for all existing AG customers and future customers be charged for. The following gives you some details on your new AG service: (more…)

The Bespoke AG Snake Ring – A Fitting Tribute & Exquisite Work of Art

I am used to creating bespoke pieces for clients – the likes of which often have a particularly touching story or sentiment behind them. It’s always a great pleasure and honour to be involved in bringing to life something which is so very personal.

Recently, I was commissioned by a very good friend of mine to create a ring of immense sentiment. The stone was taken from a ring his mother had worn before she passed away, and he wanted to create something he could wear always as a tribute to her. My friend is also a keen ‘Kundalini’ Yoga practitioner and the symbol for which is two snakes entwined. And so the journey began, and I set about creating one of AG’s most adventurous rings to date… (more…)

Video Post: Welcoming the full AG Cannelé Ring Family

Not really sure what to say about the new additions to the Cannelé family – it’s a collection that will set your heart racing.  Retailers have gone absolutely wild for this delicately beautiful ring – so much so that the original diamond Cannelé has become the fastest selling AG diamond ring to date.  We’re pretty sure that everyone is going to be delighted that the equally lovely additions have finally been photographed and are now available to purchase: rubies, blue and pink sapphires, yellow diamonds and chocolate diamonds, there’s no box these miniature masterpieces don’t tick. (more…)

Revealed. The beautiful Cannelé.

Lighter and finer than the usual AG piece, I believe the Cannelé is one of the most impeccable pieces I’ve ever designed. I’m seriously excited about this one (as you might have gathered). It’s not that this beautiful platinum diamond ring is in any way better than my past designs, just that it has tapped into a very different style for me – perhaps brought on by my son Arthur’s birth. (more…)

Revealed. The Creation Pendant Diamond and Sapphire.

Last year, we asked AG customers what they’d like to see more of. The answer was a resounding, ‘more statement pieces such as pendants and earrings’. As you know, we are all about aiming to delight – so inspired by the growing bump, which was soon to become the splendid little Arthur, I designed the Creation Pendant Diamond and Sapphire, something I hope you’ll agree has turned out rather well…


Wave a Royal Hello to the Incredible Fission Cluster Cushion Sapphire

There’s just something about Sapphires. Perhaps it’s the adoration the stone has received since the beginning of time, or its connotations with the Royal Family? Historical stories about sapphires go back as far as 12th Century BC , when according to legend, Helen of Troy owned a large star sapphire, which was believed to hold the key to her desirability. (more…)

Softening in my old age..

On showing one of my retailers this year a softer, more rounded profile ring – he advised me to bring this into more of my pieces. So out came the laptop and sparks flew from the mouse as I entered into marathon sessions in front of my CAD programme. One of the results of this work is the Reveal 2 – essentially it is the Reveal with a purely rounded profile. I am not saying either is better or worse then the other – they just suit different tastes. What with the Reveal being my most desired ring, it made sense to increase the offering of the range. (more…)

AG Bespoke

During my 15 years of designing and creating we have made some spectacular bespoke pieces but usually they are out of the workshop before a camera gets anywhere near them. Thankfully we have been able to take a some shots of two of our most recent creations and these really show off our skill in design and manufacture. The bespoke side of the business is time consuming but especially rewarding to both my customers and me!

The yellow diamond ring was created for one of my long standing retailers S.T. Hoppers in Boston, Lincs. The centre stone is a Fancy Intense Yellow Radiant Diamond and is accompanied by the same but in Brilliant Cuts.  Set in 18ct yellow gold this really turned out to be a beautifully rich and vibrant piece. It goes to show that we are not just contemporary designers: the classic ring styles can be exquisite and I have studied them carefully in order to develop my skills as a designer.

Sapphire and Diamond Bespoke

Based on the Basileus style, this sapphire and diamond spectacle of stone setting wizardry was made for Judith Wade, probably the most liked individual in the UK jewellery industry! Her brief to me was something like..  “Come up with a ring design for me and let’s have diamonds all over it!”.  Now that is a brief I can get my teeth into. With around 370 diamonds all expertly set in platinum, this piece really is an eyecatcher not to mention the exquisite cushion cut sapphire.

370 diamonds!

I hope to bring you more bespoke pieces as I create them and if you would like to commission me then please get in touch.

Launching the MOHAWK

The much talked about and eagerly anticipated Mohawk has arrived.  This stunningly sculptural piece sees a 10mm Tahitian Pearl ingeniously suspended in a embracing setting. The concave profile of the ring travels seamlessly into the ‘mohawk’ section, sweeping over the pearl with a dazzle of immaculately grain-set diamonds. I wanted to move away from the classical notions that stipulate a stone should be held in place around its diametric edge and envisioned the pearl suspended as though floating in air, indeed, the illusion of the suspended pearl required some highly innovative and intricate setting techniques. Enjoy!

Rose for the lady?

Pretty in Pink and Even Prettier in Rose!

Designer Cocktail Rings have to draw attention and this timeless classic does just that. I am delighted to introduce the latest member of the Celestial range –  The Celestial Rose. Rose gold was a particular favourite in the ’30s and I am keen to help develop the resurgence for this wonderful shade of gold. Combining it with Rose Quartz was an obvious choice and the look is hypnotic!

Engagement rings have become a tremendous part of my company and now it seems that the Cocktail Rings are a close second. 2011 will see the introduction of new cocktail creations including the Mohawk! Watch this space!

Celestial Rose
Celestial Rose

If Carlsberg did Pearl Rings……..

Being modest never helped anyone so I am going to shout about the Enchanted: I am bloody proud of this new designer cocktail ring and each of my retail partners who has clapped eyes on it were equally excited. The best selling Reveal ring was a strong influence behind the Enchanted and I like to think this has really strengthened my company as serious Pearl Jewellery Designers. I am very drawn to spheres as a jewellery designer possibly because of the incredibly strong aesthetic they possess. 2011 will see two knock out sphere ring designs called the Mohawk – watch this space!

It’s a Dog’s Life for me!

So after 10 years of saying “I want a dog” and 10 years of coming up with every reason not to take the plunge, I visited a Vizsla breeder in March of this year. Why a Vizsla and some of you may ask what is a Vizsla? Well, three years ago I was with one of my retail customers, S T Hopper in Boston, Lincolnshire. Whilst I was showing off my goodies, Rufus the Hungarian Vizsla bounded into the room tale a-wagging. For those of you not familiar with the Vizsla they are similar to the Vimarana  but with a red coat and more slender features. A very intelligent and regal looking dog, bred to aid in hunting. I was back in Boston early 2010 and as my girlfriend and I had been seriously considering getting a pooch I asked them to bring in Rufus. And that was that! Decision made.

Discover Dog Tags

Now back to the breeder; spending a couple of hours with a litter of 11 eight week old puppies is good fun whatever age you are. We avoided the monstrous alpha male vying for our attention and went for the quiet one at the back of the stable. The mother decided to lean on my girlfriend which we took as a auspicious sign and off we went. Very careful driving and a portion of sick later we arrived home and that marked the start of Wilbur’s new life – and ours! Those of you who have had a puppy will know that the past few months have been emotional, challenging, brilliant, hilarious and expensive to name but a few! I have to admit that I am loving having a dog and the challenges pail into insignificance when I am on a walk in the woods. As a business owner pretty much fanatical about and addicted to my work, having a dog has taken me out of my office and away from my laptop. This has had a really positive effect in that I am less consumed with work and more relaxed and effective when in work – less is more!

As Wilbur has got more confident and started to stray further away on walks, we realised it was time to purchase a dog tag. I visited the local pet shop and saw an array of uninspired products. I opted for a plain tag but then I thought why not try designing something! As a jewellery designer surely I could up with something stylish and fitting, so on went the kettle and out came the pencil and design book. As I started to develop some ideas the question in my mind was why should I just stick to creating something just for Wilbur, offer it as a product to put in my range. The AG theme of 2010 is all about creating new and exciting products and this certainly seemed to fit the bill if a little leftfield.

I am aware that there are practical dog owners and also the type of owners who like to lavish their pets. My aim was that a ‘touch’ of luxury would appeal to both as long as it was unique idea. The Discover Dog Tag was born and I would describe it as a luxury dog tag because of the precious stones and craftsmanship involved. This canine creation is available in white and black diamonds, blue, pink and yellow sapphires as well as rubies – in this way the owner can choose which colour best suits their dog’s coat or gender. The Dog Tags are available in silver but for those who do want to lavish their best friend, gold and platinum tags are also available. Each tag is engraved on the back to your specifications and we also offer a design service where we will create a Bespoke Dog Tag especially for you.

Click Luxury Dog Tags to view the Discover ,

All Images on Flickr

All our images have had some TLC: Re-touched, backgrounds whitened and standardised in size. We have uploaded them to Flickr. But how is this helpful you may ask?

  • If you are a Journalist or Editor, then all the images can be downloaded in 300dpi with no need to cut the images out.
  • If you are an AG Retailer, then these can be downloaded in high res for your advertisements and also for your website.
  • If you are a simply looking for stunning piece of AG jewellery you can see the full range in one glance rather than trawling through the site.

So all you retailers and journalists, downloading is a cinch:

  1. Click on Andrew Geoghegan Flickr and you should see a page with a large selection of images.
  2. Click on the relevant photo you would like to download.
  3. You should now see a large image with an ‘actions’ tab on top.
  4. Click the ‘Actions’ tab and then ‘view all sizes’.
  5. You can click which ever size you want to view and then download. All the images are 300dpi and the original image is the largest.

Each time we shoot new pieces we will update the collection on Flickr so keep logging on from time to time. If you are struggling at any point then please get in touch.


Meteorite Cufflinks!

Well I have harped on about these for long enough saying that we are using a truly ‘Out of This World’ material…..  Just back from our incredible photographers are the Celestial Cufflinks with Meteorite and Diamond. It is not often I have the time to develop blokes  jewellery and is there anything more blokey than space rock? The Meteorites are from Namibia and are called Gibeon. The experts tell me that these rocks fell in a rainfall style and are part Iron, Nickel and Iridium. We have set these fascinating rocks in palladium and framed them with stunning VVS brilliant cut Diamonds.

These rare creations will be exhibited at International Jewellery London at Earls Court from the 5th September to the 8th at the Johnson Matthey stand. If you are interested in these cufflinks or would want to commission a pair then please get in touch.

Introducing the ‘Cherish’….

Its all about the Asscher cut….

As a favourite cut of mine, I have been itching to create another Asscher cut design since the Fission Cluster Asscher. So we are delighted to introduce the Cherish which is available in most precious stones in platinum and 18ct golds. The Assher cut achieved its fame and popularity during the Art Deco period, probably the most timeless and influential period of art and design. The Asscher cut is simply; Diamond Art Deco and there is no other cut which rivals the illusory depth and understated elegance.

Simple, Stylish and Sophisticated.

Matching weds and eternity rings are available.

Reveal Marquis

The Reveal has a new member to the family…

The incredible success of the Reveal ring as a designer engagement ring and as a sapphire and ruby ring inspired me to create the Reveal Marquis. This is set to be another design classic and is available in diamond, sapphire and ruby as well as other precious stones. We believe here at AG that we have made a name for oursleves in Platinum and 18ct white gold engagement rings and we are delighted to keep on creating them for you. The Reveal Marquis ring also comes with a choice of stones on the pave section from white & black diamonds to sapphires and rubies.

Call +44 (0) 113 30 70 100 for further information.

The Perfect Engagement Ring Revealed….

Introduced in 2008, the Reveal has already become the best selling ring for AG. The reasons for this…

For a Contemporary Engagement Ring to be a real winner then a combination of the following help:

  • Open setting so the Diamond is on view;
  • Secure setting for durability;
  • Flat edges so wedding and eternity rings fit no problem;
  • Graceful and well balanced design;
  • Intrigue or/and innovation;
  • Easily adaptable for earring, pendants, bangles etc

The Reveal has all of these hence the popularity of the piece. The fact that there are very small diamonds impossibly set underneath the main stone adds a delightful aspect to the design. This is especially alluring when the main stone is a Ruby, Sapph or Chocolate Diamond. Pendants are now ready but we just have not had time to photograph them! Images coming soon…