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The most rare ‘Padparadscha Sapphire’ – Princess Eugenie’s Engagement Ring


As Princess Eugenie has been lucky enough to receive a Padparadscha Sapphire engagement ring, we thought you should know some important facts about this unique and delightful stone.

The word Padparadscha is derived from the Sanskrit phrase padma ranga meaning lotus colour and as you can see from the images, is a very unique pink-orange which varies in depth and hue. The stone received its name as it resembles the colour of a lotus blossum. Sapphires are available in a whole range of colours, not just blue as is commonly thought. The sapphire pictured is a similar hue to the one in Princess Eugenie’s engagement ring.
True Padparadscha Sapphires which are unheated and of high quality can command a higher price than the most beautiful of blue sapphires – mainly because of their rareness. The majority of the stones are mined in Sri Lanka but some sources have also been located in Madagascar and Tanzania.
As the more unique gemstones seem to be becoming favoured more and more, the Padparadscha Sapphire is a perfect example of this and we are delighted that it has received this high profile press. As a brand that celebrates difference and uniqueness, AG relishes each occasion we set the more unique gemstone, especially the ones that you have perhaps never heard of before! Our Chocolate Box collection sets a whole range of stones including cinnamon zircon, indicolite and more. Maybe our next one will have a gorgeous Padparadscha sapphire similar to the one in Princess Eugenie’s engagement ring!
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(Photo Credit: The Rare Gem, New York)

Andrew Geoghegan in Algarve Essential magazine

Andrew Geoghegan has long-since attributed some of his most popular designs to time spent abroad. Particularly his Cannelé collection – which was designed during his time in France. Or the unashamedly opulent Chapiteau de Paraiba – an ornate homage to the theatre of the French royal courts, alive with the flamboyant decadence of Versailles.

With that in mind, Andrew Geoghegan’s designs have earned him a European fan base of both customers and press alike, and the latest press coverage, in glossy lifestyle magazine, Essential Algarve, follows a familiar appreciative theme for the designer.

Essential Algarve


Andrew Geoghegan Collection in Benchpeg magazine

Benchpeg magazine Andrew Geoghegan