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Andrew Geoghegan Launches Satellite Diamond Vintage

The Satellite Diamond Vintage is an exaltation of the timeless, everlasting enchantment of the diamond, in a beautifully executed, quintessential emerald cut. There’s an intriguing balance in this inspired, unique asymmetric design: a breathtaking emerald cut diamond is countered by a sweet satellite diamond, both set in a shimmering surround.

We are delighted to launch this most eye-catching of designs which follow in the footsteps of our highly successful Satellite Diamond with brilliant-cuts. One of the many splendours of this design is that it has the capacity for a wide variety of centre stone sizes as well as alternative cuts and coloured gems.


Andrew Geoghegan Launches the Cannelé Petit

Cannelé Petit Header

The potent style and elegance of our classic, enduring Cannelé design is reworked here, in the stunning Cannelé Petit. Understated but confident, this dainty adaptation keeps its powerful allure, with a choice of 0.15ct centre stones at its heart within a pristine halo of diamonds. The signature fluted detail of the setting is all the more entrancing for its scale and precision.

We are delighted and proud to launch this perfect addition to our award-winning collection. The Cannelé is our most sought after creation and the ‘Petit’ brings the range to a wider audience with  prices from £1695 to £1995.

The Cannelé Petit makes a perfect ring – be it for an engagement or simply a romantic gesture. She is also the first of our collections to feature emerald, one of nature’s most alluring of gemstones. The colour and lustre of the emeralds we hand select are spellbinding, as are the other coloured stones in this collection.

Cannelé Petit Emerald

2017 Andrew Geoghegan collections


We’re working away on a number of exciting pieces, adding to collections with new adaptations where we know customers love those designs. The Chapiteau collection will definitely grow, we’re loving what we can do with the hexagonal shapes, and will be developing the family in line with superb feedback and requests for new colourways and matching pieces.

We’re eager to add to our bridal range too, with some sumptuous new pieces to add some theatre to that collection. Taking a lead from the dramatic Chapiteau and the breathtaking Clair de Lune, we’ll be developing some pristine diamond wedding and engagement ring versions for 2017. Here’s to a wonderful new year!

Jewellery trends for 2017


As we wave goodbye to a fantastic year, we’re looking forward to a year in which ‘individuality’ is being touted as a top trend, perhaps as a continuation of this season’s ‘audacious’ tip. The fashion big hitters are telling us we’ll be able to show off our uniqueness next year: mix and match, single earrings, clashing layers and homespun looks are what 2017 is going to be all about, with a heavy splash of colour and the odd flash of structure and form. At the heart of the Andrew Geoghegan brand is a love of the unique, and of women who dress as they please, with confidence and assertiveness. It looks like this is their year…here’s what to plan for.

Vogue Paris and Elle are both heralding a season of pearls – worn as bracelets and cuffs over sleeves, or in strings, (mis)matched with military jackets, sports sweaters and patched denim in a delicious style clash. Chokers are in too, in all kinds of stones and colours, the general rule being the rawer and the bolder, the better.

Safety pins adorned the catwalks – use decorative ones to accessorize and standard ones to adapt and individualise an outfit. Raw stones are all the rage too – Proenza Schouler showed super raw stone and gem earrings in small jagged rocks, worn in mismatching pairs, a look echoed at Dries Van Noten and Calvin Klein shows, where earrings added to the strength of bold clothing statements.

Meanwhile in colours, it’s all looking wonderfully tropical. Deep electric blues, shocking pinks, rich parrot greens, and hot oranges rule. So in jewellery, we’re expecting to see a lot of lapis lazuli, tanzanite and blue sapphire; deep pink sapphires; greens from chrysoberyl and varicite; and fire opals bringing orangey yellows to life.

A word from those in the know…

Belinda Morris from The Jeweller:

Of the 10 colours that Pantone has released in its palette for 2017, there are a few stand-out hues that may well have an influence on coloured gemstone jewellery:

  • Lapis Blue: lapis lazuli of course, but also tanzanite and strong blue sapphire
  • Pink Yarrow: a hot, tropical pink, deep pink sapphire perhaps
  • Greenery: a tangy yellow green, like chrysoberyl or varicite
  • Flame: a fiery red-based orange, such as fire opal

And trends I’m feeling most:

  • Big statement earrings (including very long, almost brushing shoulders)
  • Single, asymmetric or mis-match earrings
  • Lots of colour
  • Chokers
  • Statement rings, including over knuckles, along the finger and across fingers (a continuing look)
  • Raw stones
  • Ancient inspiration/taliman themes
  • Historic/royal references (eg Baroque/Tudor)
  • Geometrics continuing

Stacey, Editor at Professional Jeweller:

“I think 2017 will see consumers stripping back and opting for more delicate and refined pieces. In times of economic uncertainty shoppers will be wanting to invest their money in pieces they feel will stand the test of time.

I suspect that with a return to finer pieces, the layering and stacking trend will continue to grow in popularity as consumers will still be longing to showcase their personal style through the use of more elusive jewels.”

Looking forward to 2017


2016 has been an incredible year that we fully intend to capitalise on, with the continued roll-out of the new Andrew Geoghegan brand, some exciting advertising plans and an all new certificate of authenticity to those who buy our jewellery. We’re committed to strengthening our relationship with the retailers who have helped us enjoy this success, giving you more to work with and offering your customers reasons to come back for more.

Our work to establish and build the brand profile continues, and we’re developing beautiful new packaging to reflect our passion for precision and our love of exquisite design. We think customers will love this new touch of luxury, as it continues the story of our pieces – designed, honed, and crafted to perfection.

We want to invite our customers, who are naturally driving our success too, to feel closer to the Andrew Geoghegan brand with a registration portal and certificate of authenticity. This will allow us to nurture the relationships that will help our brand to thrive and grow, welcoming those customers into our world and showing them how much they matter to us. This will set us apart and we hope, truly reward those who wear Andrew Geoghegan jewellery – our best advocates – with a place at the heart of our evolution.

Finally, we’re excited to be advertising in Vogue from January 2017. Not just because Vogue is the ultimate arbiter of style and fashion and we love and swear by it, but because it will drive customers to you, our retailers. We hope then, that we can look forward to, and share with you, a very fruitful 2017.

Six of the best


Every delicious side of our distinctive, hexagonal Chapiteau is adorned with diamonds, dripping with jewels, its shape alone a decadent ode to the drama and flamboyance of Versailles. Add to that the rainbow of precious stones it holds, and the Chapiteau is nothing short of show-stopping, a collection to help you shine on any occasion.

From snow-bright white diamonds to warm, seductive chocolaty brown diamonds, blood red rubies and sea-blue sapphires, the Chapiteau is spectacularly unrestrained. There’s formality in the hexagonal setting, but rich precious gems bring riotous colour to the unique design to make it a masterpiece of bohemian chic.

The Chapiteau de Paraiba takes it just that little bit further, and is a sure-fire way to achieve this season’s audacious look. Lavish and exuberant, the irresistible blue Paraiba tourmaline is surrounded by a coterie of glimmering pink stones, framed with mint green tourmaline and an abundance of diamonds.

And it’s not just a statement piece – its stately, elegant shape, its grace and poise, lend it perfectly to engagement and wedding rings, too. Replace those lush gemstones with pure, flawless white diamonds and the Chapiteau becomes a grand romantic gesture – a dazzling, six-sided dedication to love.

We’ve topped off the Chapiteau collection with a spectacular translation of the theme into earrings, set in luxuriant 18ct yellow gold. Graceful and fine, but abundant with glimmering stones and vivid colour, two hexagonal frames are adorned with a cocktail of sapphires, tsavorites and diamonds. And for occasions that call for a little less drama, the second hexagon is detachable – opulent and adaptable!

What to wear – A/W 2016-17


There’s a theme emerging from the fashion shows this season…it’s brave, it’s bright, it’s what Vogue Paris has called ‘the audacious’. From lush fabrics to bold, angular shapes; from eye-popping colour to unique, oversized statement pieces, this season might push us from our comfort zones, but if we dare to wear it like we mean it, we might just pull it off beautifully…

Are you faux real?

If Harpers Bazaar is tipping faux fur as a seasonal favourite, we think it’s time to search out some vintage winners. Look for toppers and collars to give a warm, seductive touch to winterwear. Shamelessly faux and ever so furry, this season’s collections feature everything from classic natural shades to flamboyant leopard-skin print and brightly coloured faux fur.

Velvet revolution

A trend that will prove irresistible to the touch, velvet is everywhere this season and there’s not a hint of the fusty about it, with designers giving velvet a comprehensive makeover in sharp, tailored jackets and perfect pencils. Vogue reports that velvet dresses were the stars of many a collection at recent fashion weeks: ruched and sexy at Preen, classic and ladylike at Prada, darkly alluring at Dries Van Noten.

Fairytale ending

Take note from fashion forward Unique Style Platform, which predicts a microtrend for AW 16/17 of surrealist motifs including pocket watches, vanity mirrors, candelabras, birds, butterflies, swans and kissable lips. You’ll find these adorning knitwear, dresses and separates offering a wealth of whimsical inspiration.

Oversize me

Earlier in the year, we predicted the oversized earring would be a huge hit, and the trend for larger than life accessories look set to continue throughout AW 16/17. Jumbo earrings were on every catwalk, from giant drops at Marni and huge metallic discs at Céline, to blown-up safety pins at Balenciaga and acrylic flashes at Stella McCartney, in eye-catching shoulder-length drops, often worn only on one ear.

Pink goes pop

The colour-crazy amongst us should look for inspiration from Prada, Jil Sander and Gucci – all of whom blinded front row fashion week attendees with pinks ranging from blush rose to startling magenta. Embrace a season of femininity and live La Vie en Rose, twinning the velvet and the pinks trend for the ultimate seasonal outfit.

All you need, is audacity…

The only way to wear the riot of mauve and pink, electro furs, couture red and glitter lurex that deluged the runways in the fashion capitals, is with confidence. After a summer season rooted in 1990s minimalism, winter brings a welcome shot of color on sharp shoulders, corsetted waists and oversized streetwear. Be daring, feel audacious, explore the trends and get ready to rock an explosive silhouette.

Andrew Geoghegan Launches the Cannelé Cushion Engagement Ring


Here at AG HQ we’re extremely excited about a certain addition to one of our well-loved engagement ring collections.

We debuted the Cannelé Cushion to the jewellery industry at Houlden London in February and are so pleased to finally be able to introduce this beautiful new ring to you all!

Extending the best-selling Cannelé range – which currently consists of the highly popular Twist and rings, the Cushion – was the ideal next step for AG.

The demand for stones combining a square cut with rounded corners began around 200 years ago, where they were marvelled for their regal-looking shape and sparkle and so, the enticing, all new Cannelé Cushion reaffirms the inspiration of classicism behind the entire collection.

As this cut has become exceedingly more sought after in the modern marketplace, with the recent trend for ‘fancy cut’ centre diamond engagement rings, we knew it would be the ideal addition to our delicate yet striking Cannelé collection.

The Cannel is alluring, with a third of a carat diamond cushion cut surrounded by stunning accent diamonds, creating a deeply desirable ring that is stimulating senses.

Meticulous hours of work have gone into combining the square aspects of the cushion alongside the delicate band as well as the impeccable detailing across the rear of the ring. This is a design that is just as eye-catchingly beautiful from underneath as from the top.

Soft, feminine and timelessly beautiful, this new ring is effortlessly complimentary and is sure to delight anyone who casts their eyes upon it.

We’re incredibly proud of this new creation and cannot wait to hear your thoughts.


Andrew Geoghegan Launches Chocolate Box Blue Cocktail Ring

Andrew Geoghegan is building on what has already been a wonderful start to 2015 with the launch of the delicious Chocolate Box Blue cocktail ring. This pure statement piece will join the already recognised Chocolate Box collection, which includes the Original, Rose, Envy and Clash.

Andrew has decided to launch the new colourway of this iconic cocktail ring after the success of the existing Chocolate Box range. The signature creation is the perfect purchase for anyone who is looking to have a wonderfully confident creation in tantalising shades of one of this year’s must-have colours, blue.


VIDEO: Andrew Geoghegan Talks About his Cannelé Collection

You don’t want to miss this. Featuring Designer of the Year, Andrew Geoghegan and his faithful ginger hound, Wilbur – find out where the Cannelé was conceived, the inspiration behind this best-selling collection and what really makes Andrew Geoghegan tick… (more…)

Andrew Geoghegan joins other Top Designers to create charm bracelet for Breast Cancer Care

Some of the UK’s leading jewellery designers have joined forces to create a stunning, sterling silver, charm bracelet for The British Jewellers’ Association which is to be auctioned at International Jewellery London to raise money for the charity Breast Cancer Care UK. (more…)

The Bespoke AG Snake Ring – A Fitting Tribute & Exquisite Work of Art

I am used to creating bespoke pieces for clients – the likes of which often have a particularly touching story or sentiment behind them. It’s always a great pleasure and honour to be involved in bringing to life something which is so very personal.

Recently, I was commissioned by a very good friend of mine to create a ring of immense sentiment. The stone was taken from a ring his mother had worn before she passed away, and he wanted to create something he could wear always as a tribute to her. My friend is also a keen ‘Kundalini’ Yoga practitioner and the symbol for which is two snakes entwined. And so the journey began, and I set about creating one of AG’s most adventurous rings to date… (more…)



Andrew Geoghegan, the Yorkshire based jewellery designer and Founder of British fine jewellery design house, AG, has been announced as the winner of the British Jewellers Association (BJA) ‘Designer of the Year’ award 2013.

The announcement came following an awards ceremony in Birmingham last night. Andrew fought off his competition, the very talented Jessica Flinn Designs, Babette Wassermann, Lucy Quartermaine, Deakin and Francis and Charmian Beaton Design to scoop the award. (more…)

Lights, camera, action! The ‘Chosen’ Facebook ring has its first photo shoot

It seems like an age ago that you fine folks helped me to created a beautiful and unique diamond ring through the powers of social media. In fact it was only a few months ago that we revealed the completed design and you picked a name fitting for the worlds first crowd sourced Facebook ring, ‘The Chosen’. (more…)

Unusual stone Settings – an AG Passion

Now I don’t know about you, but as a child I was fascinated by how things were put together. I remember spending hours taking apart pretty much anything I couldn’t initially figure out (including birthday and Christmas presents – much to the horror of my long-suffering parents). It’s a passion (read: infatuation) I’ve continued through to my adult years; studying, building, designing and creating pieces that both captivate and intrigue.

Those of you who know me will recognise the design element which really sets me apart from other jewellery designers is the ongoing pursuit to push boundaries with my jewellery, in particular the way in which I set the stones into each piece. (more…)

AG Inspired – Digital Dinosaur Watches

I am confident (at least I hope it wasn’t just me!) that most men around my age would agree that as a young boy, digital watches were a ‘must have’ and we ogled at ones with more buttons and heaven forbid a bloody calculator!

It was probably something to do with the fact that it was our chance to own our first piece of high technology combined with the fact that it could tell you the time in Kathmandu! Digital watches were introduced initially as a novelty and a sign of changing times (excuse the pun!). The widespread growth of mobile phone technology ultimately made the limited functionality of the digital watch and its offshoots obsolete in the long (or short) run, but my love of them remained. (more…)

AG inspired – Boccioni; Unique Forms of Continuity in Space

As a Jewellery Designer, I find inspiration in a ridiculous number of things. In the past I’ve taken inspiration from architecture, nature, art, words both written and spoken, and of course a great amount of inspiration has come from many other jewellery designers whom I consider geniuses. I decided it was about time I started blogging about some of my favourite pieces of inspiration, since I guess that’s what a blog is all about, and so you might get a little more insight into the mind behind the designs…scary I know!

Lets do this. (more…)