We know that you want your piece to look its very best each time you wear it. Use the information below to help you take good care of your stone. We’ll advise you on the things to avoid whilst you’re wearing your stone in order to keep it in perfect condition. So you can wow the admirers of your jewellery with your vast knowledge of gemstones, we’ve thrown in some useful information about your stone. What more could you ask for?

Take good care…

Ruby, a very durable gemstone, is a crystalline form of aluminium oxide and is fine for everyday wear. You can clean your ruby with a few drops of washing up liquid in water.  Use a toothbrush to gently scrub behind the stone, removing the dust and debris that can build up. 

Try to avoid…

Even though the ruby is tough, it should be stored away from harder gemstones such as diamond to prevent unnecessary damage through scratching.

About your stone…

The colour of your ruby is determined by the country of origin with Burma known for pure red, Vietnam for pinkish rubies and Thailand for dark reds and burgundy.  Most rubies are heat treated to maximize the red and to remove any secondary colours of blue or brown and to improve clarity.  A ruby which has not been heated is exceptionally rare and would demand a huge premium.  Rubies are commonly cut in oval and cushion shapes. To get a ruby above 5 carats is most rare.

Pearls of wisdom…

The ruby is associated with desire, passion and courage.  In Sanskrit the ruby is referred to as ‘ratnaraj’ – the king of precious stones. The Bible famously suggests that only wisdom and virtuous women are more precious than rubies.  And indeed the Ruby has been regarded most highly with a Persian sage in the 11th century naming the stone as ‘first place in colour, beauty and rank’.  Following this in 1894, author of Precious Stones, Max Bauer stated that the ruby was ‘the most valuable precious stone known’.  Perhaps this helps explain why Britain invaded Upper Burma in 1885 to prevent a French company mining the gem in one of the most celebrated regions for ruby sourcing.

Ruby is the birthstone for July.

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