October 2011 - Andrew Geoghegan



AG Bespoke

During my 15 years of designing and creating we have made some spectacular bespoke pieces but usually they are out of the workshop before a camera gets anywhere near them. Thankfully we have been able to take a some shots of two of our most recent creations and these really show off our skill in design and manufacture. The bespoke side of the business is time consuming but especially rewarding to both my customers and me!

The yellow diamond ring was created for one of my long standing retailers S.T. Hoppers in Boston, Lincs. The centre stone is a Fancy Intense Yellow Radiant Diamond and is accompanied by the same but in Brilliant Cuts.  Set in 18ct yellow gold this really turned out to be a beautifully rich and vibrant piece. It goes to show that we are not just contemporary designers: the classic ring styles can be exquisite and I have studied them carefully in order to develop my skills as a designer.

Sapphire and Diamond Bespoke

Based on the Basileus style, this sapphire and diamond spectacle of stone setting wizardry was made for Judith Wade, probably the most liked individual in the UK jewellery industry! Her brief to me was something like..  “Come up with a ring design for me and let’s have diamonds all over it!”.  Now that is a brief I can get my teeth into. With around 370 diamonds all expertly set in platinum, this piece really is an eyecatcher not to mention the exquisite cushion cut sapphire.

370 diamonds!

I hope to bring you more bespoke pieces as I create them and if you would like to commission me then please get in touch.