August 2010 - Andrew Geoghegan



There is no stopping us!

This year has proved to be an absolute blinder and since August SEVEN brilliant retailers have invested in an AG collection and we would like to shout this out and naturally express our thanks in this blog. The retailers are:-

Each has taken on an eclectic mix of designer engagement rings, diamond pendants, cocktail rings, earrings and wedding bands. There are certain areas in the UK which we are not represented such as Essex, Cheshire, Liverpool, Dorset and Wales to mention just a few! If you have suggestions about who we could stock in these areas then we would love to hear from you. If we subsequently acquire a stockist from your suggestion then we will reward you with a special AG present!

Going Green

Our most recent stockist Payne and Son in Oxford commissioned this stunning Celestial ring. The luscious Peridot weighs a staggering 9.5ct and is framed with 0.14ct of VVS diamonds. The stone is from Kashmir and my stone cutter informs me that there is some incredible material being found in this region. It took a while for this beauty to be unearthed but we believe it is well worth the wait. The Celestial range has become an excellently received departure for AG into designer Cocktail Rings and it gives me a chance to show off a bit! Watch this space for more precious delights coming soon including a stunning pearl  and diamond ring and an headline making yellow diamond pendant.

Head of Security

If you have spoken to me recently you may have noticed that all I talk about is my dog Wilbur. Sorry about this…. and here’s some more…….

He is doing brilliantly and I have to admit that I am loving having a pooch. As I type this sat on my sofa at home he is asleep with his head resting on my lap – a large collective “arrrrwwwwww” please. The Hungarian Vizsla seems to get bigger each time I turn away and he has a penchant for skirting boards! Puppy training classes are going well and I was delighted when the trainer looked at us and said “Oh, you have a Vizsla, I will chat to you later”. Active breed but nothing me and my girlfriend can’t handle. We are creating some designer Dog Tags for those who like to treat their dogs with something special. Get in touch if this is of interest to you.