July 2009 - Andrew Geoghegan



The Perfect Engagement Ring Revealed….

Introduced in 2008, the Reveal has already become the best selling ring for AG. The reasons for this…

For a Contemporary Engagement Ring to be a real winner then a combination of the following help:

  • Open setting so the Diamond is on view;
  • Secure setting for durability;
  • Flat edges so wedding and eternity rings fit no problem;
  • Graceful and well balanced design;
  • Intrigue or/and innovation;
  • Easily adaptable for earring, pendants, bangles etc

The Reveal has all of these hence the popularity of the piece. The fact that there are very small diamonds impossibly set underneath the main stone adds a delightful aspect to the design. This is especially alluring when the main stone is a Ruby, Sapph or Chocolate Diamond. Pendants are now ready but we just have not had time to photograph them! Images coming soon…