Designer Engagement Rings UK from Andrew Geoghegan



Chapiteau de Paraiba

Alive with the flamboyant decadence of Versailles, Chapiteau is an exuberance of both colour and form, a glorious spree of radiant stones in a distinctive, stately hexagonal setting. Unashamedly opulent, an ornate homage to the theatre of the French royal courts, to elegance and structure, to the joy of abundance, rendered in this enchanting collection.

Chapiteau de Diamants

The sublime form of the Versailles-inspired Chapiteau de Diamants in luxuriant diamonds and shimmering platinum, makes a truly grand romantic statement to mark your engagement or marriage. Unfalteringly elegant, the beautifully unusual hexagonal setting holds aloft a delicious pool of exquisitely cut stones, playing in the light for a magical display of bounteous sparkles.

Chocolate Box

This miniature piece of cubist art sets a trio of distinct blues in flawless 18ct white gold, for a splash of bohemian beauty. Brightest of all is radiant indicolite, or blue tourmaline, alluring as a summer sea, with the softer colours of the aquamarine and sapphire set perfectly alongside, framed by pristine diamonds. Hand finished under magnification, the detail is incredible in this, and others in the Chocolate Box collection.

Cannelé Cabochon

The Cannelé Cabochon collection is a playful rainbow of cocktail rings blending intricate, hand-finished fluting with the curved smoothness of the central stone. Softly twisted, gleaming 18ct yellow and rose gold settings hold amethyst, tourmaline, rubellite, mandarin garnet, tanzanite and diamond, all play their part in this colourful, modern collection.

Cannelé Engagement Ring

The Cannelé Engagement ring is a delicate platinum piece with a mesmerising 0.33ct diamond centre. Designed in France, inspired by Gallic romance, this unusual ring marries our classic Cannelé shape with an echoing band. A perfect inversion, the detail of the wedding ring is similarly fluted and hand finished to sit seamlessly underneath the main ring.

Satellite Peridot

The Satellite Peridot is an exercise in structure, balance and modern beauty. Clean, bright diamonds surround the main, vibrant green peridot stone with a radiant lone diamond playing satellite. An inspired, sculptural form; fluid, strokeable lines, the Satellite is a signature piece, its varied stone sizes, positions and asymmetry making for an extraordinary ring.

Cannelé Trois

The Cannelé Trois gives you at least three gorgeous reasons to accept a proposal. A platinum setting holds a trio of brilliant cut diamonds, each surrounded by a cluster of tiny, intricately cut stones. Meticulous fluting to each of the three settings brings extraordinary detail, from all angles, to this elegant, romantic engagement ring.

Celestial Collection

There’s something magical about the Celestial collection – striking spherical gemstones set in a sculptural design, each stone suspended in a setting of 18ct yellow gold and diamonds.